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  1. Right, OW if fine for off road trails that aren't too rough. I'd easily take the EUC on anything more than just a dirt path. The Onewheel would fail and you'd basically have to carry the thing for the majority of the trip. Couldn't even trolly it lol..
  2. Day#6 Went for a 14 mile ride. Had a blast. Lots of twisty turns and ups and downs. I was very stiff when we started, but loosened up towards the end. Had one little spill (still caught my wheel with my rubber leash). 😅 I was going slow and just out of nowhere lost control. Had to pop off. Mounting is getting easier, still dread it as much as dismounting the Onewheel XR. I HATE dismounting the XR. Loved going up inclines without having to worry if the wheel could handle it. I'm always iffy on the Onewheel. She can't handle much climb. Few times Had to get off and walk for a bit, loved ha
  3. Is there anything I need to be aware of as far maintaining the wheel? I was thinking mineral oil on the shock, wipe down now and then. Taking it apart for cleaning or tire change looks... terrible 😭. Anything I should be doing to keep her looking and running well?
  4. What is this.. day 5? Did some trail riding, practicing kick mounting, and control, getting much much better. I'd recommend getting away from wide open space as soon as possible. Trail riding forced me to gain control. My daughter with me on her pint! So far. My thoughts. Onewheel much funner to ride, carving comes so natural at medium to slow speed its just a blast. But I have MUCH more experience with the OW so only time will tell. I'm enjoying the EUC journey now. My plan was to sell the OW but now I'm thinking I'll keep both they are just so much fun
  5. Ok, so about the same as yesterday. Still need better mounting, and better control. But I can ride it. Any tips to improve from this point?
  6. Day 3 practice.. total of 10 hours of actual practice.. rode 3 times around the block. 9mph top speed. I need to gain better control, also mounting still takes a few tries but I've only practiced kick starting. So far so good. I'm on it, I'm riding it, I'm controlling it for the most part. From hour 1.. there's been leaps and bounds of progress I think.
  7. Day# 2 recap 8 hours total practice I cut up cardboard and gorilla taped the hell out of my wheel. Then added thr body armor then added my workout band. (Still haven't spilled it! Just one time in the grass but no concrete hits!) I managed to do a few short straight runs before getting a good 200 ft run. Then back to paddle taps. Took a break, and noticed that after a break I do better. Started drinking power rade since this is extremely taxing. Kept doing little run Then finally got a good 500ft run. Still can't really control it as much as just ride ON it. But that's much
  8. Straight 500ft run! Still can't steer! But I did several 200ft runs and 2 500ft runs.
  9. 30ft run! Still have zero control
  10. Got home, street was clear so I did a bit more. I got about 10ft but I keep going off to the side. I have no idea how to control it. I did see SOME progress I guess. I'm drenched in sweat. Best $2000 workout equipment ever made lol
  11. Day #2 practice session 1 (1hr time). No joy. Like none.. still thinking about how much I should sell this for. I put one of my large workout rubber bands on it to save it from spills. GREAT idea, must have saved her 20 spills. I managed to get about 3ft but that's about it. Practice session tonight with my wife holding my hand for a bit maybe I can gain some balance handling experience. So, mounting, dismounting, acceleration, deceleration, and balancing are all different aspects of this thing. Problem is my leg muscle gives out after 15min it's done. Frustration sets in and pro
  12. I've learned two things today. #1 I'll never spend $2,000 on a whim again #2 I'm an idiot for spending $2000 I managed to get a feel for it a bit. Only took one spill that left a scratch no big deal. I was not able to do anything successfully... please tell me people don't get it on day 1. 😫 This is much harder than I thought. And I thought it was going to be hard. Had I known I would not have bought in. However, I'm here, and I'm not going to quite YET. 2 weeks is my cut off, if I see no progress by then I'll stop banging my head against the wall and just s
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