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  1. No1up


    Anyone confirm a comfortable seat for the v12?
  2. No1up


    Ok, let me try a calibration
  3. No1up


    Also, has anyone noticed peddle dipping on this thing? It feels worse than my sherman..
  4. I'm told it's possible but I'm not able to? I'm in firm Ware 1.4.31
  5. No1up


    Anyone have a manual how to navigate the screen?
  6. No1up


    Have they updated it to where it'll show mph yet or still no?
  7. I'm looking for an orange XL anywhere online.. if anyone has any leads and really appreciate it.
  8. No1up


    I want to pre order it... again but I'd hate for it to break down and have to wait months to get it rolling again. 😢
  9. No1up


    Jason are spare parts available for possible failures? Future repairs?
  10. Standard. I find that my sherman doesn't arc if I plug it in to the EUC and screw it in tight. I couldn't really do that with the Nikola because it was terrible to screw it on and off.
  11. Just wanted to get some views. Gen 2 vs 3.. the Gen 3 stop part doesn't look as robust as Gen 2. 🤔
  12. I'm not sure what parts I need to add some of those sliders I see some of you fellas rocking. Anyone have any Amazon links? USA.
  13. Yeah, I was excited but not at that price. That's more than my car 🤣
  14. So he dug in and came back with two things. 1. Progressive is actually working on something for EUCs. There's been a lot inquiries about them apparently. 2. He could do an inland marine policy as equipment that would cover it for theft or anything really. Damage, explosion, whatever. But it was $1100 a year with a $500 deductible. So, I don't think I'll be riding with insurance.
  15. Mommy sounds good. I'm loving the Sherman's handling right now. Plenty of power for me... for now. The gotways just leave me worried every time I charge. The nikola+ blew one of my home outlets.. no joke.
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