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  1. Dear all, Found the problem, was the user problem. I should had set the speed alert under wheel setting to "disable speed alerts" when the wheel is turn on. My mistake i did all the setting when the wheel was turn off and expected the setting would be recognize when I turn on the wheel for following ride. However after knowing, i chose to "enable 1st & 2nd speed alert" for safety purpose. Thanks a million to all for the tips and advice - appreciate.
  2. Under wheel - speed alerts & limit - set to "disable speed alerts" and yet at 30km the wheel beeps. Had tried turning all speed alarm under "wheel" and "alarms" and yet it's beeps at 30km .... dam frustrating.
  3. Competitive price, reliability and built quality enough to bring Korean made wheel to be no.1
  4. Do the setting without moving the wheel and wait until the wheel reacts to your command (beeping). Ed : Each time i perform the setting when the wheel is turn on and paired to my phone. Beeping from the wheel, that i don't notice. You have to choose at least "turn first alarm off". Ed : under alarm, i had turn off all alarm setting under speed alarm - lowest to highest priority. Only remaining temperature alarm at 70*C and safety margin alarm at 20%.
  5. What beeps? Can you desrcibe them? Ed : When the speed hits 30km, the wheel beeps non stop unless i go below the 30km speed. If it's speed beeps, an app may be re-setting every time you connect. Ed: I had turn off all speed alarm except Temperature and Safety Margin Alarm. The app. i'm using EUC World only. Also you may not have switched the beeps off. You can neither set a safety margin or a temperature on Begode wheels. An app may just make it look like you changed settings. Ed: if the app. isn't there for the purpose of personalize setting than what other choice
  6. Can any one explain, why does my RS starts to beep at 30km.? it rather slow given the potential of this wheel. I had set all speed setting to off, except safety margin at 20% and temperature setting at 70*C. It's rather disturbing each time it's reaches 30km the beeps keeps beeping as the wheel going to fail on me. I know for sure RS (1st generation) capable to hit max 70km but not my wheel. Wonder , does the setting stays permanent with first owner phone and being the second owner, would the wheel yet recognize the setting set on 1st owner EUC World setting in his phone?
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