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  1. Hey, I just realized I can upload photos now. But there is a limit. So here is one that shows the weld.
  2. This is the EXACT noise my S18 made when the internal welds of the axle shaft broke. The noise came on slowly and I wasn't sure if it was firmware issue, but it was the axle twisting back and forth within the motor. Eventually, I was rolling to a stop and the wheel just shut off and fell out from under me. The welds sheared, allowing the axle to twist all the way, cutting and short circuiting all the motor and encoder leads together. It fried the motor, the mother board, and a couple of the batteries. You should sent it out for warranty repair or request
  3. I ordered a set too. I've been waiting for something like this to be available. Its strange how little after market support there is for this wheel. At least in the US. No pedals ever, and just now pads.
  4. @Troll King I had a similar issue. Except my S18 failed when simply slowing to a stop from walking speed. It sounds like you have have sheared the welds on the axle within the motor and shorted everything out. Some tests to do are: Spin the wheel. Does it have resistance to spin? If so, unplug the motor. If it spin freely, then you likely have blown motherboard. If it still has resistance you can meter out the motor leads for continuity to each other and ground. But really, if you unplug the motor and it still has resistance to spin, there is an internal problem. Also you n
  5. You also need to check the sub voltage on the batteries. You checked the Main and it seems good. The other small pins must read 12v and the one battery with one small pin gets checked to the neg of the main in that pack.
  6. Yes. I Metered out the motor leads. They were all shorted to each other and the motor. Then I took the motor out and removed the side cover to see the broken welds and confirmed that the shaft was rotated and the weld was sheared and jammed into all of the wires. I have photos but im not sure how to share here yet. Just signed up yesterday. I am a fabricator by trade and a certified welder as well. It looks like a child waved a welder past the shaft while blind folded and got scared as soon as it arked then stopped welding. Haha.
  7. It was "Batch 3". And I had 20 miles or less on it. This was my first wheel, so that riding was parking lots, my neighborhood and at an event at a dirt runway airport. I was going about 4 or 5mph as I approached my stopping point, leaned it back to stop and it just rotated out from under my feet. Prior to this, I noticed a clunk sound if I braced myself and did a "back and forth" move with the wheel for a bit. Looking back on it, it probably broke very early on, and the axle was just getting jammed up on the broken weld until it finally let completely go.
  8. Just to add my S18 experience here also, I experienced a catastrophic failure of my S18. It was made 100% right by Ewheels in the USA. What happened is, I was riding up to my camper and upon decelerating to a stop from maybe double a walking pace, the wheel just fell out from under me. But I was stopping and dismounting at the same time. Then it would only flash the headlight and go dead no matter how many times I pressed the button. Plugging in the charger had no effect. To summarize the damage, the terrible excuse for a weld of the axle shaft to the motor stator snapped, a
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