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  1. Wannabe kiwi's are always welcome. We even have a wheel available if you come to Wellington 😅
  2. Haven't looked this skinny for a while
  3. Sounds like a go fund me project 🤔
  4. @Rehab1 I have my photo up now - BTW I can take it harder than my husband
  5. My mind is so busy thinking of ways to protect wheels i have to conserve my extra powers, so slow rides for me 😇
  6. Okay so I'm sitting next to TFU or my husband (the nice version of what I usually call him). When he says I can't catch up to his community rep points! Help a girl out and show me some 💘 and screw my husband at the same time! WIN WIN for me hehehe
  7. I just love telling people it's controlled by mind power.
  8. Ok so from a female perspective... Being in control and confidant is sexy, being a show off or inconsiderate of those around you isn't! But if you are talking wheels (not riders) then I have say the S18 is the sexiest looking wheel available (especially when fitted with a Bodyguard)
  9. We have the V12 on order ;-)
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