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  1. MMMM Don't think they know what we really do at Roll.nz How often do you need this service? Daily (24 hours) Which type(s) of individual need guarding? Child What skills do you need the bodyguard to have? Close-quarters protection Additional details: Self defence
  2. WTF (said with love <3) I have been a mistress for years Why because I can give direction/orders and I'm happy to say thanks to those that gave me the strength to do so
  3. It's simple really have a spending limit! If you are okay to spend 3 or 4k without asking once a year can you complain if you partner does the same thing?
  4. If Shane shaved his head he would be even more eco hehe 😉
  5. Fuck the bus joke - it's been over 20 years now 😘
  6. We do have ShanesPads and xan confirm they fit under our Veteran Sherman prototype EUC Bodyguard. Don't tell 😁
  7. Wannabe kiwi's are always welcome. We even have a wheel available if you come to Wellington 😅
  8. Haven't looked this skinny for a while
  9. Sounds like a go fund me project 🤔
  10. @Rehab1 I have my photo up now - BTW I can take it harder than my husband
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