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  1. I am looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch. Would the galaxy watch 3 be compatible with EUC world?
  2. What happened to me is that I went uphill first, then walked for maybe 1.5 miles with my wheel and I think it was enough to recharge it too much. Also the hill I was going down was really steep. But I didn't get any overcharge warnings. I wish I did, would have been better for my elbow's skin. But yeah, I would avoid riding with these warnings. What I do now is check euc world when I go downhill with my battery close to full.
  3. I have a friend looking to buy a scooter and I don't know anything about it. He wants it to commute to work. Short commute, a bit more than 2 miles but 400 feet elevation with really steep hills. The roads are bad so suspension might be necessary. At the moment he's not interested in off roading or anything like that. I recommended ewheels but maybe you have other vendors recommendations for scooters? Any brands/models that would be a good fit for this usage?
  4. Don't go downhill with a full battery. I had a cut out on my v8 going downhill after I went uphill and no warnings!
  5. Yes and this happens with any EUC. You need to experience the crazy spinning before you get very careful with it. Good thing you didn't hurt yourself! I rubbed my leg with my first wheel and it was a bit unpleasant.
  6. If you want to experience a really smooth ride, you want the blue o-ring to go down to around 80%. It makes a huge difference! I would lower the upper chamber a bit.
  7. Some update: my tire is not rubbing anymore. I think deflating and re-inflating it made the trick. The suspension is also working fine. I rode for some time with the shock locked because I thought + was unlocked. I am very satisfied with the wheel so far. Maybe I'll try removing the washers when I feel like making creme brulee and need a torch! I did experienced the dreaded death wobbles for the first time. It was scary! Fortunately, I managed to recover and didn't crash! Since then, I am taking it slow. My max speed so far is 26mph and I seem to be more stable. I don't have the feeling o
  8. Open is - which is not very logical to me. I rode mine with the suspension locked for a bit before realizing my mistake. Make sure that the rubber band go down to 20% when you push the wheel down. It actually made a huge difference for me especially going over bumps!
  9. Aargh! mine are super tight as well, and I don't have a torch! I used stubby wrenches but it didn't work. I might have damaged the nuts somewhat at this point. What do I do now? Is it okay to ride like this or do I really need to fix this?
  10. I spent an hour trying to unscrew the bolts and didn't manage to. I'm giving up for now on removing the washers. Just put some oil and will see how it goes.
  11. I've done a few more miles on the S18 and noticed a rubbing noise. The tire seems to be rubbing against the fender. It's not constant but it's annoying. It also happens when I hit speed bumps. And also, I feel like the wheel tends to lean on my left leg. I don't know if it is because I am not yet used to it or because the tire is misaligned.
  12. I ended up buying a Bell super 3r mips as that was one of the only options that I could get on Amazon in 2 days. I didn't want to ride my new s18 without a full face and it seems like this one is light and airy enough that I will be able to wear it all the time even in hot, humid Florida weather.
  13. I just wanted to share my first impressions and ask a few questions. I received my s18 yesterday, struggled a bit to carry it upstairs and pump up the suspension and was able to try it very briefly in-between rain showers, managed to slip a bit and gave it its first scratch Coming from a v8, the s18 is a little intimidating. I feel like a noob again, a bit unstable and not able to really control the wheel yet. The suspension does feel smooth. I rode it on the sidewalks which are in terrible condition and it feels like nothing. A lot of people say they hate their new wheel at first an
  14. Thank you @conecones, yeah I don't think that the TSG pass is the best in my case since good ventilation is top priority! Do you think that the Kali Zoka would be too hot? It's less expensive.
  15. The helmet that I ordered (leatt dbx 4.0) didn't fit. So now I am looking for another one because they don't have my size on sale. I don't have much time, my ks s18 arrives on Thursday. Any recommendation for another light and breathable helmet under $200? I'm moving to Florida in December so sthg that I will be able to wear in hot temperatures is a necessity.
  16. Thanks for your answers! Now that I watch carefully the battery when going down, I'm sure it was an overcharge. I never imagined it could happen since I always climb up the hill before going down. Apparently the regenerative breaking of the V8 is almost too efficient. I decided to go ahead and ordered a ks s18 from ewheels. I thought I had to act quick before the new stock disappeared and prices started to rise. I also ordered the jacket and the helmet. @Rollbot Thank you for the offer. I seriously considered the 16x a while ago but got seduced by the novelty of the suspension mostly
  17. Hi all, I have been a long time lurker but never posted so far. I started wheeling a few years ago with a kingsong 14b and upgraded a couple years after to an inmotion V8. I enjoyed it a lot, had a first crash on a speed bump that I just didn't see but no injuries. Then I moved from Ithaca, NY to Tampa, Fl. I haven't used my euc so much in Tampa. Too much traffic and highways, impossible to commute with my V8... Now I am temporary back to Ithaca, and have been riding again. Last week, I went down a pretty steep hill and experienced my first cut out. It was not the first time I w
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