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  1. I give up, don't know what is wrong, when I start EUC world on my phone it automatically starts the EUC world app on my TicWatch Pro 3 GPS but then won't connect, the watch Icon on the EUC world app doesn't change to green...
  2. Ok great thanks. I installed it, the central icon for battery go green but I can't get any readout on speed on the watch. When I switch back to my Pebble it works fine no problem. I even tried switching off my Pebble watch incase it was interfering with it. The app on the watch also seems close and go back to the watchface?
  3. I think, out of all the pebbles, the Pebble Time Round is the best for EUC World, super tiny, thin and light and super bright screen in daylight. In fact the brighter the sun the more visible the screen...
  4. As a last resort, I dug out my old pebble watches, did the pebble / rebble install and they work perfectly 😁 I have 2 pebble steels, 1 pebble time round and 1 pebble time. Should keep me going for a while until this wear os updates comes out... The pebble steels are my favourites, always great screens outdoors in ultra bright light...
  5. Ok thanks. Adding to my woes I tried to use EUC World + WheelLog + OS Wear Watch and for some reason EUC World couldn't "see" my wheel let alone connect to it. When I shutdown WheelLog, EUC world worked fine again but I had no stats on my Watch so was riding "blind" I don't remember this being a problem with EUC World + WheelLog + Pebble or Garmin, this is the first time that I have used my new Wear OS watch (TicWatch Pro3, 4100 processor) so could be that.... Best Regards Nick
  6. Hi any news on the update? Just purchased a new Android wear watch specifically to use EUC world but can't install it
  7. Think I am just going to take the plunge and get a V11, you have really helped me make my mind up.
  8. Ok thanks, that puts things into perspective 😁, sorry to bore you...it just that I don't have any experience with this wheel and the benefit of the experience that you have, didn't want to buy into a wheel that I would be spending more time repairing than riding... What pressures do you run with in the shocks and tyre
  9. True, many thanks for your help. One last question, what pressures do you run with in the shocks and tyre. Best regards Nick
  10. Thanks, I understand that it is a bit of a faff to change out the motor. My old ninebot one p has never let me down but I really like the V11, I think gotway is possibly even more of a lottery I guess...
  11. Hi, anyone out there with an InMotion V11 who has done a few 1000KM in all weathers that hasn't had any bearing/motor problems? Just trying to understand if the hollow motor is an inherently poor design or if the bearing/motor problems are just a few isolated cases and nothing to worry about/barrier to purchasing a V11 ?
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