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  1. you guys are so dramatic... throwing around words like "attacking". Yeah, I'm attacking you all. sheesh. Embellish much? Attacking: launching or engaging in a military or violent physical attack. "the attacking troops met almost no opposition at first"
  2. You've obviously never been attacked in your life. My few mild words are not an "attack". Did you not just moderate me for "abusive behavior"? What's "abusive"? LOL You "attacked" me with your mod powers. What do you expect? A thank you?
  3. Yeah thanks for the "abusive behavior" moderation and the 5 points. I'm sorry I am so abusive. I hope you can find a safe space where abusive things don't hurt your feelings. Someone needs to reevaluate churuill's & rockytops moderation powers. Maybe it's time to drain the swamp? Refresh the sites moderators?
  4. I think Chriull has been moderating my posts repeatedly because I am crapping on the 16s and it's his/her only wheel. Chruill I'm sorry that you hit tiltback at 21mph and you hear speed limit beeps way too often. I suggest upgrading. Chicway has the 18S in stock in the USA for $100 less than ewheels. I don't know where "Wien" is but maybe it's in the usa? You've got almost 6k posts. You ought to have a sherman by now. Sell that 16s.
  5. jmartin do it while you can but wear all the gear you can buy. Us older guys don't heal so quickly!
  6. While waiting for my paid in full V12 to ship from chicway, I just bought a kingsong S18 from them... which is in the USA warehouse and will arrive at my door within a week. I'll probably buy a sherman or an abrhams next. Chicway likes my money. I've heard from a bunch of other members about how petty the people at ewheels can be and how loyal and vicious the fanbois are. Everytime I see a review for an EUC on youtube and they mention they are sponsored by ewheels, I click away. Why would I (or anyone else) care what a paid & obviously biased reviewer thinks of an EUC they were just
  7. On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 12:40 PM William <sales@ewheels.com> wrote:
  8. Actually no I can't. I'm not going to sit by idly and let william from ewheels say I threatened him and abused him. That's wrong just like them only posting 4 and 5 star reviews.
  9. Yes please provide them. Show everyone how I've threatened you and been abusive. I didn't threaten you. I simply called you a DICK because you are. Others here have told me the same thing about you william. They say jason is fine to deal with but youre not. You acted as if I owed you something for not overcharging me for the supposed extra cost of the now, more expensive batteries. You didn't buy me off with that. I don't owe you anything for not overcharging me. If I want to leave a truthful review about the 16s that was bought from ewheels, I can and will do that. If you won't post it, I'll
  10. I'm the buyer. I'm the guy about to shell out $3700 + tax and shipping for a toy from a company that doesn't have the integrity to post a single bad review. And I have the bad attitude? Seriously? They're making 200%+ profit on a Vsherman off us saps. They need to work for that money. I don't need to work to give it to them. I don't NEED an euc. They NEED sales to stay afloat. The buyer is always right. F*ck ewheels. I'm out. Gonna go ride my shitty 16s!
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