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  1. Littering is subject to "up to 30 days in jail". Do you think anyone has ever been arrested and if they were... then thrown in jail for littering? Come on you guys. Is everyone paranoid rule following Biden voters here?
  2. It's always much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Go buy an EUC and ride it. Act like you own the road. No one is going to bother you. My other advice is move out of NY as fast as you can. The taxes, anti 2nd amendment laws and the weather all SUCK balls. I lived in albany and troy for 23 years. F NY hard!
  3. I'm pretty amazed that he went from a complete newb who'd never been on an EUC to THIS in about 90 minutes of actual trying. KingSong 16s. Video
  4. Ow. This sucks. Does everyone go through this when learning to ride or am I just a major clutz?
  5. Thanks for the hand mirror advice. I got my cipa 11125 yesterday and love it. I just got another one for the other hand so I can lift each arm to look behind. My arm started to hurt a bit from looking so often. The spandex crew was out in force yesterday.
  6. I have to think if you wait THAT long before you change a tire... long after it was actually worn out, any new tire is going to feel drastically different. I imagine if you changed it much sooner, the difference wouldn't have been so drastic?
  7. I rented a KS 18L from a local EUC'er. It'll do 31 so I'm good for a while. COME ON SHERMAN... SHIP ALREADY! I hit 27mph on it today. I'll be riding the tiltback soon enough I suspect.
  8. I switched my deposit to the Sherman. If I'm going to wait that long, might as well wait for the mac daddy of EUCs.
  9. Thanks guys. I changed my $500 deposit from the V12 to the VS (& sent another $500) today. I figure if I'm going to wait... might as well be for the VS. I'll give up the music capability but that's OK. I can put an ultimate ears boom2 speaker in an external, mesh drink holder of my backpack. It'll probably sound better than any EUC BT speaker/s. I'll keep the ks16s for friends to ride. I've started teaching a friend recently.
  10. Honestly, I have just 120 miles +/- on my 1st EUC. That's in about 30 days of ownership. In that time, I didn't ride for a week or so because it was too hot out. I currently ride in smaller neighborhoods with almost no traffic and on the silver comet trail. I wouldn't mind riding in downtown Atlanta IN CITY TRAFFIC once I get more miles under my belt and a more stable/faster wheel. I don't see me riding offroad except for maybe a dirt road now and then while camping. Ideally, my EUC would be too fast for me to comfortably go. I want to be scared of its potential but be able to work
  11. mrelwood this picture might help to explain. In 1999 when the suzuki hayabusa came out it was the fastest production street bike ever made. It blew the competition away so bad that it took years for them to catch up. I needed one! Anyway... in 2000, I bought a new one. It was amazing.
  12. HAHA ! Horror movies are ok too. I figured if I'm going to wait until early fall or late for a wheel, I might as well be waiting for the Sherman. So, I changed my deposit from the V12 to the Sherman just now. Ewheels said they have the s18 ($2k) and v11 ($2100) in stock & shippable today but those aren't 40mph wheels. I don't want to have to upgrade again in a few months.
  13. Thanks for your input. I just don't want to end up like the guy @PourUC on the recent "chasing speed" post. He thought a 32mph wheel would be enough but in a fairly short time, he's bored and looking to upgrade.
  14. I'm in the same boat but with a slower ks16s. A month ago when I started, I never thought I'd be doing 22mph. Now, 120 miles later... I'm getting bored.
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