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  1. Oooh, ouch! More skin has been sacrificed to the asphalt. Sorry that happened to ya. At least you now know what the beeper is for.
  2. 20-23 mph seems to be my top speed lately. Feels fast enough for bike lanes/paths!
  3. I’ve been called crazy a few times. I’ll gladly take that label 👍🏾
  4. You can still hear the sound when he rides over the carpeted back end of the hallway. Not looking like the tire…
  5. Yes, PLEASE. The sharp edges on the S18 pedal hangers are spooky.
  6. KNZ


    Looks like Begode Power Pads
  7. Oh man. 70kmh would be my ideal sweet spot. Please be true, please be true…
  8. I love the subtlety of the 3, 2, 1 being an eagle flying in and landing. THE EAGLE HAS LANDED! I REPEAT. THE EAGLE HAS LANDED.
  9. Just got my 16x in today from eWheels. Looks like it’s fitted with the Chao Yang H-666 tire! Build date June 30 2021, 2.07 Firmware. I thought the HECC tire was discontinued…should I be worried?
  10. I don’t entirely know what I’m looking at but MAN is it sexy
  11. Lol already at the phase of “how do I streamline my safety gear?”. Gearing up is such a drag but getting my skin grated off seems much, much worse. Just riding down to the end of my block without gear made me so anxious that I couldn’t enjoy myself.
  12. Gotta agree with ya on this. Riding out on an EUC is honestly one of the few forms of stress relief that works for me anymore.
  13. I already like this wheel simply because b i r d
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