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  1. Our experiences were our own - yours will be unique as well. Who knows, you might be that exception!!! Haha! Just have fun, be safe and don't give up! But know this, nothing will ever take the place of an EUC!!! Well, except for a better one.......
  2. Also: Top 10% Paid 71% of Federal Income Taxes, Bottom 50% Paid 2.8% [1]
  3. Something tells me we're going to be waiting a bit more that 2 months.......................
  4. Used to ride when I was a teen - often to school and back. IMO the skills made it easier for me to learn the euc but I don't believe they translate the opposite way very well.
  5. Only one way to find out! Let's see..................... who on this vast forum has the courage to try this????????? Volunteers???
  6. Wow! A most impressive show of cranial capacity!!!! Love it!!!!! Your verbosity is only exceeded by your pulchritude!!!!
  7. You'd look cute in baby diapers (I've been told).
  8. Sounds like the date I had last weekend!!! 😘
  9. Jason hooked me up with a new mother board - was here in 2 days. Just another satisfied customer - Ewheels will be getting all of my business. Thanks Jason!!!!!
  10. OK I admit it - I am part of the 60+ Club - who else??? Don't be ashamed...............
  11. I once own a Valmet M78 chambered in 7.62 x 51 NATO - what a finely crafted weapon it was!!! As a law abiding US citizen I exercised my right to bear arms on many occasions. Thank you Finland!!!
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