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  1. I understand. Please post some photos when you have installed this item. I'm still skeptical.
  2. I don't see what these do or how they help. Side tire rubbing is resolved by cutting the stand hooks and bending the stand wider. You need a flat plate welded on the actual stand. As it slots into the tire tread when folded out.
  3. Hi, I have question, How does the S18 know the position of the trolley handle? There are no cables that run to the trolley handle. there are no cables that run to the pole runners. Also where on the mobo is the Motion Sensor Chip for angle of tilt measurement?
  4. The suspension tubes. Use the same valves as tire tube. I use the valve screw nipple tool. Pull out the air stem and drop a few drops in. Be careful to ensure the valves are clean and clear before you drop a few drips in and where you place the valve screw as any dirt will surely cause issues. From the amount of spew the suspension has I know it needs a good lubricating.
  5. I really like the concept of the full base bash plate cover. when I upgrade the rear 1mm as its very light and was proof of concept design. I will make continuous loop cover. these machine take a bashing on limestone trails with jagged rocks.
  6. Found a friend who recently added armor bash plates to his V11. I take mine off road lots and had cracked plastic housing. I decided to copy him and build some of my own. Mine are made from 25mm Aluminum. Front is 3mm thick. Rear is 1mm. Angle Grinder to Cut down, Bend and drill holes to fit. Vice to bend. They are fixed into the same screw holes. Replaced the existing screws. https://photos.app.goo.gl/mFhefrLb85R5bGuP8 Video I made of building one side.
  7. i've added light machine oil to my suspension chambers. about 8 drips to the top and 16 to the bottom. Seems to have a positive effect.
  8. Yes, it's very important to remove the stand. The hook sides where the stand mounts rub. I did cut mine to solve it. But the other more serious problem is the stand locks into the rubber knobs. And if you turn on the wheel before moving the kickstand the unit detects a oven load and behaves all crazy. it's not worth the risk. 241 Shinko is a no stand mod upgrade. The tyre performs great at all pressures. It's just a tractor. I've started running my tyre at a lower pressure, I had my first wood chip jamb. I was riding a long distance over woodchips, most passed through, one jambed, an
  9. Hello Friends, What do you recommend for power pads, jump pads, Feet lock in braces, Yoga Mats in regards to: Positioning Material Placement Fixing Methods Cheapest budget option possible Struggling to find some good information. I've done about 10km on this EUC and I really want to lock my feet in. for offroad soft sand, acceleration, braking, kurbs. some photos videos that interest me:
  10. I made a wooden stand for the KingSong S18 with the owner of the S18. Introducing; the Julian Stand Made from scrap pallets Very solid and sturdy. Will support a V11 leaning next to it no problem Ramp to ride the S18 up and drop down onto the wooden holders. At the peak of the ramp you push the trolley handle into the carry position to disengage the wheel. Otherwise it will fast free spin the wheel when it lands on the stand as there is clearance to the ground. Future updates will angle cut the front holders to tip the EUC forward to slide off the stand and engage
  11. The tyre is great. I have done a fair bit of riding with it. Rocks, sticks sand. It all pases through it, if anything got stuck which is not often. You just jump off roll the wheel on ride backwards a few meters and it all drops out. Can only think of about 3 occasions when something was stuck and it rubbed for about 1 minute before flushing it's self out. I'd be more concerned from a overload from the kickstand locking in the treads when you turn on. You must remove the kickstand. The benefits of riding on sand is amazing, this thing is a tractor even at high psi, I've not got the p
  12. Shinko 241, Only the hairs rub, they brush off fast or easily cut off. The rear kick stand rubs as well on the inside of the tire where it mounts. its easy to Easy to cut the stand and i did However the stand lock into the groove on the tire tread and will cause over load when you turn on the unit. and that's scary! so ended up removing the stand. I run the original tire at 27PSI for off-road and 35psi on road. not sure what my Shinko 241 is at. its hard. The supplied pump gauges is not detailed enough to tell the PSI bellow 50. some photos here https://photos.app.goo.gl/K68urkFaxNUR42
  13. Hi, Wow that tire looks really good. Very similar to the Shinko 241 14"x2.75 that I recently installed. I also had seating issues however resolved themselves with massage, and air. gravel is scary and fun at the same time. i'm not concerned about a grave lock up anymore. I find the faster you go the less gravel that rolls though, when you tractor along slowly it picks up every stone of gravel and the EUC sounds like you just won big at a coin slot machine. Excited to test this tire more.
  14. Few days ago installed Shinko 241 14" x 2.75 motorcycle tire on the V11 InMotion. its fits, no cutting required. It is very tight. almost a bit scary with some rocks. NOTES: I had to cut the rear stand, as its protruded into the tire. I ended up removing the stand as it locks into the wheel and causes over loads if you are not careful when turning on. If i can get a hold of a welder ill install a flat plate on the stand so it can not lock into the rubber grooves. I ended up cutting off the little bead knob hair pins. Not requires but they did brush. I have tested it off r
  15. I pulled my v11 wheel apart to do a puncture repair, the main boards is very tight with the cables, its very easy to crush the cables that come in from the batteries causing errors, when i first re assembled my unit a cable was crushed. and would report error, I was very careful at screwing down the top main board to not crush the cables and all errors went away. Its tight and they do get crushed. its always in the back of my mind that i have a slightly damaged cable now. I do not like the V11 design for how you have to pull apart the board assemblies to remove the tire. considerin
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