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  1. This is for Warsaw, Poland. Bike paths are mostly asphalt or paving stones.
  2. ShanesPlanet, Thanks for extensive reply!
  3. Not sure So candidates are mten, mcm5, v8s, ks16s Need to dig a bit into the specs.. Can someone from pros tell me pros and cons for these models? Please 🙏🥺
  4. Greetings, dear EUC enthusiasts! I've joined EUC stream this year and I'm enjoying my KS16x. Now my wife is starting to look with interest on EUCs, but my KS16x "is too bulky and heavy"... What model can you suggest for her? Requirements are simple. It should be light and compact. She will use it for commuting using bicycle ways mostly. Range of 30-40km should be sufficient. Thanks! Ivan
  5. Thank you! Look forward for updated version
  6. Hi enaon, Wheel and watch start beeping. No tilt back. Only beeping and vibrating.
  7. Thank you, enaon! This worked. Last unresolved mystery... - riding LEDs will be switched off on watch connection. Do you know why? - but the most annoying thing is that after watch connection some strange 25km/h limit alert on wheel appears. In the watches there is no wheel / watches limits. But if I connect euc world it shows -1km/h limit. Please advise.
  8. I've tried both available at euc watch installer accelerator types. No luck. Screen doesn't activate when raising watches. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Turning off city mode fixed issue. Question. When horn mode activated button will horn but how i can turn on display in this case?
  10. Thanks enaon, Right. Light was in a city mode. I just thought that this will turn on only near light. Will try to play with this. On turning off. Battery drained in 1 day when p8 was disconnected from EUC . That's why this question appears from my side. In the settings screen in the Bluetooth... there is a flight mode and 3 level of BT signal straight. How this should be configured? thanks
  11. Greetings enaon | everyone, I've start using p8 watches. And i have 2 questions - how to turn it off when I'm not riding? - when watches connected EUC bips when speed pass 10km/h and when slowing down bips again. No wheel / watches alarms configured. I don't understand how to remove this bips. Please advise. Thanks!
  12. https://ibb.co/2YBQ3j8 https://ibb.co/GHXcmdv This is how this fits together.
  13. Thanks for sharing this with me! Rushing with order now
  14. Thanks! Will check it. Btw spotted Leatt 3df elbow pads... Does anyone know if they will fit with demon fleximeter wrist guards?
  15. Greetings, What do you think of Leatt 3DF 5.0 impact shorts? Any real experience? Thanks Ivan
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