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  1. triad88

    IPS S5

    Anybody have made pics of the s5 intern to assamble it back? I have written to the company back and forth untill I got a new board.took a half year allmost, but forgot the things how to put back. I have some pics from the ips company to open it up. But not the specific things to keep a eye to when closing up the uni cycle
  2. triad88

    IPS S5

    mine flashes red,never seen green.but i got a new mainboard today and busy with assembling
  3. triad88

    IPS S5

    the flashing of the battery is normale.it means that the battery is alive/standby
  4. I have a pretty new S5 ips bought from aliexpress. I have the unit for like a small month. But yesterday i was charging up the unit, while charging up i heared a popping sound (not directly but after a hour or so).Went to the unit and the removed the charging plug and try to turn on the unit. It doesnt turn on. When pluggin in the charger it turns red. The unit doesnt go on. While i am sure that it has enough battery for it to turn on. I think their is a fuse/componit blow. The seller said to open up the unit to look around what part is blown. Does someone has a video to open up the S5? I have experience with swapping the ips zero innner tube. or any other advice?
  5. triad88

    IPS S5

    Recived the s5. First quick impression is that the unit compared to the zero is less agile. So turning radius is bigger.To be more agile I can place mine feets on the pedals more from the units base. So the unit can tilt more in the direction that I want to.when placing mine feet to the unit base it has a steady feel. The height of the unit it doesn't cut in the shin/calfs. It's now charging up.its it weights more then the zero. The tire was a lil bit soft so I pumped up to 45psi.its kinda a cramed to screw on the extension pipe on the valve. Have installed the android app from this forum. Is this the app that will unlock the 40km per hour? Bc i dont see it. Or is it unlocked after 50km distance? Edit: I got the app now from a member here that unlocks the 40km per hour option.
  6. triad88

    IPS S5

    Soon mine s5 will arive to the Netherlands. Will keep you ppl. Informed. I now have a ips zero 340wh with 2277 km mileage on it.
  7. no update on android also
  8. can you customize the dail max to 30kmp? bc most EUC goes to 45km. the rest above it is unused.
  9. http://en.iamips.com/ ips zero 340 14 days The netherlands 770 USD total ips zero 340,14 days,the netherlands, 770USD
  10. Read this topic about the company where u want to order. forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/1490-electricunicycleonlinecom-dishonest-or-honest-seller/ I also have problems with this company. But still not post mine story. But mine story is similar to Viti.
  11. triad88


    I used 3m dubbele sided tape. Its came the protection rubber that is kinda for the airwheel. Dont know if its the real thing from airwheel. But i also removed it and first the protection rubber tears. Then the dubbele sided tape is still on. But with a lil bit of peeling and nails it wil come off. Will leave a just a lil bit of glue, but with a lil bit of water its off. Hope it helps
  12. triad88


    people! What is you top speed on the ips zero? I have the 240 battery version and i think that its the battery or mine riding style that i cant hit close to 30kmph. mine top was 22kmph on a straight road with hard tires. i use the unlocked app for droid. its allready set to max 30kmph.
  13. Here is the unlocked version. That i also downloaded from this forum. Forgot who post it it but thanks to him. ips_1109_unlocked.apk
  14. triad88


    Just the rubber that i put on top, same where u put on the blue rubber
  15. triad88


    @SlowMo your peddles are really damaged. I just did a small mod to the unit. Yes i still ride with the strap bc i dont have to bend over every time i step off. Going into stores i use the strap over mine shoulder.
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