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  1. Source: https://youtu.be/KC6Qdcw5d1Y 4:16 So EUC Saddlebags. I just thought of this that's why it's just all Paint 3D. I don't think I've heard of really anyone using it other than in the video above that someone showed me. It just sounds like a good idea. I just used some Veteran Sherman pics since I use a VS, but I'd assume, like shown in the video above, that it would work for other EUCs. I suppose that the saddlebags could either be secured on via velcro or just taped on. One problem I could think of would be that it would cause the EUC to be unstable. As for it not bei
  2. I am selling a Gotway Nikola + for $1500 shipping and fees is covered. Or I guess $1400 excluding shipping and fees. I am located in Texas. Works perfectly fine and in good condition.
  3. Well shit. I just spent $3k for basically the same thing.
  4. Hello, I am selling an Inmotion V8 if you're interested. PM edit:pm
  5. Had it for 3 years is was my first wheel. I love it, but it's time for an upgrade. Due to it being my first wheel, it's had crashes and such, but only in the first year. Trolley handle has been replaced once and the inner tube, multiple times. Works perfectly fine just has scratches on the cover and such. Mileage is 700.6 miles (1130 km). Includes: Inmotion V8 Charging brick. Asking $500. I can cover 50% of shipping via UPS. Paypal only. (Shipping estimate in the US: $50) I'm in Houston Texas if anyone wants to buy local.
  6. How big of a difference would there be when going from a V8 to a V11? How difficult would it be to adapt to the V11? I've used my V8 for at least 3 years.
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