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  1. The man was sincere and told me that it was a danger that he put it back on the wheel, now I am talking to an electronic engineer to see if he can do something about it with the bms and I will change the cells that are unbalanced
  2. I start at the beginning, the problem comes when the 5 lines of the V10F when it goes down to the second line (40% in theory) because the first time it did the till-back and it turned off, it did not turn on again until after 1h Then another day the thing was repeated and I could not turn it on again, I had to disassemble and disconnect the battery to do a reset and it worked, but from there I have tried not to go down to the second line in case it turns off, even that sometimes I have come home and it has just gone down to the second line but without problem, I decided to take it to a place s
  3. Hola a todos, soy nuevo en esto porque necesito ayuda con mi inmotion V10F, compré esta de segunda mano y al parecer vino con una falla en el bms, el dueño anterior no ha sido responsable y ahora me siento estafado, pero oye puedo no hago nada al respecto, lo que quiero saber es como puedo solucionar el problema, por lo que he visto no venden solo los bms sueltos, y luego no tengo mucho dinero para comprar otra batería y había pensado en si se puede reparar de alguna manera o si se puede reemplazar por otro bms genérico, por así decirlo Estoy usando el traductor de google porque mi ingles
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