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  1. Well... had a friend ride beside me on his bike with a bike computer. And that said 22km/h. Was supriced my self. He had a hard time following along But its because its not just a Pinwheel, its the T1F (F for FAST ) Oh just a little side note: If anyone reads this and thinks about buying a Pinwheel! STAY A WAY FROM Pinwheelonline.com.... They are nice to answer you untill you a have an issue. Then they stop answer you at all..!!!!
  2. For sure don't want anything faster :-) its can go 22km\h And the better ones are so expensive to import to Denmark. But could be nice with a real quality one....
  3. Thanks, looks like a good site. well... is kind of a newbie, but think I got the hang of it now. Took a tour to my frinds place with 2 stops for red light. And bearly made it home again, and that was trip at 3km all together.
  4. Hey Are having problems with the driving distance on my Pinwheel T1F. Its a 190kw battery but can only drive around 3km. And I way 98kg. Was expecting around 10km. So are planing to change the battery inside the casing. Anyone know a good place to buy a new battery to put in the case. The case is around 150x135x2,5cm and need a battery with 60V and at least 190wh that can fit in the case. Thx Allel
  5. Hope the spelling are more correct now Think its a good starting EUC according to what I read so far in here. Especially when thinking of the price. But a friend of mine are also looking for a starting EUC now i ordered one, wich one would you chose then? And yes, there are proberbly more spelling errors
  6. Finally Just wanted to give a status update as a THANKS to all the help in this topic! Just ordered my first EUC, only 9 mounths after starting to look in to it . Now i just have to be patient, and wait the couple of weeks until its delivered. Found a good deal on pinwheelonline.com. Are waiting to get the Pinwheel T1F. 190WH with a 450W motor. Only 200$ for the EUC it self, and then they promises only 160$ for shipping, tax, custom duty and told that is realy cheap when you live in Denmark Looking forward to be a real part of this Forum
  7. Thx Its cause I found a site that buys things in US and send them, so the price 240$ you wrote aboute, maybe I can buy that one and the tax and transport is only an 140$ extra. So 380$ in all. Thats worth considering :-)
  8. SuperSport: Is your TG-F3 waterproof?
  9. Thats okay, if it had worked it would have beem a god deal. The big issue with the price is that I have to pay 25% and 6% extra of the price to get it in to denmark.
  10. That would be a god deal, but sadly when i click the link its at 399$ now :-(
  11. Thats a good way to figure it out. I think my minimum is the 190WH the. GJHS wrote that gearbest maybe is going to have a promo on the Pinwheel soon, think I will wait a little a see if the price drobs a little or the get the Pinwheel T1F with better specs :-)
  12. Are the 180WH in the Pinwheel then? ?
  13. When you say more power, is that the W of the motor? As I can see of the specs, the Pinwheel and the TG has the same W motor.
  14. Thx for the experience. The Gearbest promo you are talking about, isnt that the one running now that expires the 13 nov?
  15. Thx for the try. But apparently tinydeal cant ship to Denmark from German storage :-(
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