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  1. Yes, it went down quite quickly. After the boot there were some vibrations, and when I tried to stupidly move the wheel around to see if it balances, there was a big spark near the third mosfet and a cloud of smoke rising from the control board
  2. yep, I found out afterwards Hopefully I didn't damage the motor Now I need to find another motherboard, but can't find anywhere in Europe. I guess only AliExpress from China
  3. So, it happened again... A new motherboard finally arrived today. After replacing it and booting up the wheel it burned down around the third mosfet, so I guess I fried another motherboard. Can please anyone confirm if it is the right motor connections? Or did I messed up my markings since the start. I found that the motor wires are colored under the double sleeve: blue, yellow, green. Is it the correct sequence?
  4. Thanks a lot guys, when I disconnected the motor from the motherboard it indeed started to turn freely. So I guess I "just" need to swap the motherboard
  5. Hello all, today I went for I ride and unfortunately hit a curb unexpectedly hard and returned with a flat tire. So after 800km it was my first time tearing apart the wheel. After a successful replacement of the inner tube I put back the motor and reconnected the motor to the motherboard. I turned on the wheel and the motor was just vibrating a lot and after a few seconds a spark went around the marked wire and I turned off everything. Probably I haven't been as careful as I should have been with the isolation of the wires (the photo is made after,when i tried to put it more carefu
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