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  1. Wow, thx for the praise! Was trying to imply that the wheel was more in control than its driver Direct xlation. You can find it on the map by its Swedish name, Mariestad. Looking forward!!
  2. Hi @Ubute, Thanks for your advice - it was good! I practiced like that for a couple days ... and then it rained ... and then practiced some more, and ... Today was the first day with no tractor, and no emergency wire! Just a chair for support at launch. Like you said, one thing at a time - can get back to free mounting, and dismounts are mostly ok. Managed at most around 50 meters, and some occasional, very wide turns. So far, confidence seems to ebb out after that distance, but that's going to improve. Just one real fall, but low speed, and the same knee protection as you have, made
  3. @Ubute Oh man, you guys sure have some cool animals!! Exactly. Confidence. I seem to be pretty much where you were in December-January, according to your posts: lack of confidence can ride along railing, without touching it but scared when steering away from it manage the occasional free mount near railing That's why I find your story so encouraging. Seeing how you worked through those challenges and are now a real euc rider, means there's hope! And I liked your video (not the fall, obviously, but hopefully you weren't hurt). Riding that kind of tr
  4. Thanks all for encouraging comments!! *shudder* No livestock. Just a little "hobby farm". But it sounds like an idea - maybe I could use it to scare off the wild boars?? Or not. I know. As it happens, just bought an 18XL ...
  5. The latter, definitely. Thanks for this. In the "another thread", you said - Guess I'll take that as to skip the 1.5A standard charger and go with 7A from the two "fast" ones, via EucW/HS110 (?)
  6. Thanks a lot for the replies! Now I'm confused on a higher level Maybe I should order a standard charger after all, and use for overnight. Also, spending some time on Battery University, plus studying datasheets, probably wouldn't hurt. Knolwedge is Power, ya know!! Should alleviate the gnawing feeling of having a potential firebomb in the house....
  7. Upgrading at my current skill level does feel a bit premature. But the May news on battery (and hence wheel) shortage made me nervous - what if I can't get a new wheel once having outgrown the mcm5, which is the plan? So, what the heck.. After reading a lot on bigger wheels, including @Seba's blog post on testing the V11, I ordered eunicycles.eu's last KS-18XL, @Seba's faithful workhorse. Smooth process, swift delivery, just arrived. First impression: Quality machine. Something to grow into, while still practicing on the Gotway. Now for the question: Instead of the standard 1.5A ch
  8. Well, you missed the best part - a close-up of my cat. Très photogénique. But that's life - you can't win them all
  9. I'm a slow learner. YES, I read about the steep learning curve, but I seem to have fooled myself from all the YT videos into thinking that it's just about "getting the knack" of it, and then it'll be simple...And I'm scared of the wheel. Each practice session I have to get my grown-up self tell me "just breathe, you gonna be fine" to calm down. And "don't push yourself, do each moment 100 times!"Lots of thanks to all the nice and friendly people populating the forum and making videos! A special thanks to @Ubute, whom I feel I can relate to; one day I'll become as good as you are!I made a littl
  10. Thanks so much for the answers (and for capturing that popup)! Phew - for a moment I thought my wheel was broken..
  11. EUC World app ver. 2.6.0 is out since yesterday. I noticed the update during the daily newbie practice, when the app reported "Battery level zero percent". The app then showed a popup, stating that for Gotway plus a few other wheels, battery level would not be measured, but determined mathematically. I forgot the makes of the "other wheels", and I cannot get the popup to show again. There was also (I seem to recall) a recommendation to adjust a few alarms.. The popup had a LEARN MORE link, starting with https://euc.world/blog/, and leading to a browser 404 Not Found message.
  12. Can't ride it yet, but at least it's got a stand...
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