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  1. I'm in the hot humid south, and wanted something with good airflow and any features to facilitate me actually wearing it on a regular basis. I ended up with a Troy Lee Designs Stage helmet. Super light, MIPS, Fidlock clasp, and if you crash it, they are suppose sell you a new one at 30 percent off. Customer support also was very good. These super light MTB helmets seem overpriced to me, but went ahead with something that might get used, as opposed to something heavy and hot with restrictive visibility.
  2. And now we have the ultimate EVX supporter pilling on and supporting his buddy as is always the case. A portion of a post from Sumako...
  3. I thought folks might get kick out of my online conversation today with the person mainly responsible for the creation of this post. The interaction is on two separate posts on the EUC Facebook page. I'm getting lectured by this guy and for all things about being toxic. If that is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black I'm not sure what is. Since he likes to spout off in a space with more support for his bullying antics lets see if he is willing to come back and defend his current and past behavior. I'm sure that could be good for half a dozen more pages of our 100 page goal.
  4. The next morning is never fun. I hope you can move. I was just considering some armored shorts today.
  5. I see videos of young children riding EUC's and riding well, but I have also heard of at least one broken bone in a six year old and mom was not a happy camper. I think everyone would probably agree EUC riding has its share of risk. Many activities are assigned an age appropriate designation but those are more of a recommendation than a rule. Children obviously develop at there own pace and parental judgement about the maturity and physical capabilities comes into play. Speaking from my own experience finding gear that fits me properly is a challenge. I can only imagine the market for pro
  6. Seeing lava in person has always been on my bucket list. The drone footage of the Icelandic eruption captured in high definition is amazing. Even if I was there in person I would never be able to see views like this thanks to the incredible progress of electronics innovation that is happening in our lifetime. I have been watching the progress of this event since its inception thanks to all the youtubers that publish daily video updates. This footage shows some of the highest levels of lava flowing I have seen during this event. To think that only a few months back this was just a tiny br
  7. Looking good. Riding on a well mowed bermuda grass field might help build up your leg shock absorbers and improve riding on uneven surfaces.
  8. I am fairly new to this forum but find it difficult to understand why folks keep suggesting discussions be ended, removed, moved, etc. No one is under any obligation to participate if they don't care for the flavor of the discussion. People are also very capable to start their own new discussion if topics in other conversations have devolved. To suggest people hate to discuss the poor behavior that started this conversation seems ridiculous if you were around for the first dozen pages or so. It was very thoroughly discussed. The moderation on this forum seems well balanced to me. They sh
  9. Would it be possible to have testing equipment in a lab situation to test out the upper end of wheels without risking humans? Some kind of treadmill contraption and a way to mount and control the wheel without a rider.
  10. Good question? It is one thing to sell generic products, but if you are advertising a customized item for a specific wheel this looks like a fail. Glade I did not go with a V11. I also never heard if they came out against the riding behavior in the NYC alley cat race since they helped sponsor the event and/or video.
  11. I'm just a few days ahead of you and have a long way to go myself. I am learning on well mowed bermuda grass, so a fall is less of an issue, but bumps and holes ad some challenges. What helped me is getting my dominate leg locked in and more comfortable with the weight of the wheel. Check out some of the exercises in this Go George Go video. Get that dominant leg locked in and build some strength and coordination with the other leg like he is doing in the video. It is not too early to start thinking about a step up start so you don't get over reliant on holding onto something to get
  12. When encountering potential battery issues like this, are there increased chances of combustion?
  13. They are hired to complete a job as required by the shipper. What they have done should be considered a breach of contract, and they should be held accountable. I know my way around complaints with Fedex if you need advice. It is a pain in the ass, but if consumers do not stand up to this crap shippers will just get worse and worse. Also consider notifying your state attorney general and filing a complaint.
  14. I'm fairly new to this forum but do not understand the occasional calls for moderators to close down discussions. Maybe there may be some rare occurrence when that is necessary but if moderators are shutting down individuals ignoring rules everyone else can decide when the discussion is over. dOn came to this forum and received a warm welcome from what I saw. He was a fast learner and up on his wheel in no time. He seemed eager to move on to a bigger faster wheel and got advice about possible options here as well. It is hard to figure why he would shoot himself in the foot and make an
  15. It sure is purdy, but well out of my price range. They seem to have missed the popular use of power pads. I can't imagine the design of those side panels are going to make attaching them any easier.
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