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  1. I'm new here and just trying to understand the community I've stumbled into. I have little knowledge of who this evX fellow is, but having watched some of his EUC review content he seems like a talented guy both as a rider and video creator. My contribution so far to this conversation was a single sentence about common courtesy. The main issue for me had nothing to do with potential laws curtailing EUC usage. What stood out to me was why are EUC resellers supporting content of people being dicks on the equipment they sell? It occurred to me that soon my money will be their money, so in a
  2. I ended up choosing a King Song 16X that is hopefully in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at the moment heading this way. In the beginning I was leaning towards a suspension wheel, but felt both fairly new designs needed further refinement. Just the history of new introductions having problems made going with an older model that has hopefully had most of the bugs worked out seemed like the better gamble since reliability and longevity are high on my list. I can not predict my exact riding style, but I am not inclined towards street racing or skate park stuff. Probably trail riding and explo
  3. The last land based tracking had in off shore near Fukushima Japan. Distance to California from that position is roughly 5500 miles and I think they can go about 500 miles per day. Given the ETA they probably have about 3000 miles to go, so yeah pretty much in the middle of the Pacific. They had the ETA late on the 22nd, but it has changed back to the morning of the 23rd so I guess they are slightly slower than expected when leaving Taiwan.
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses. This post was more about the situation each new EUC enthusiast finds themselves in when making that first purchase and how challenging it can be to balance the opinions of a bunch of folks whose character and motives you have no clue about. I personally have already made that decision with the help of this forum and review videos. I hope the opinions I gave the most weight to when making my selection turn out to be the right ones for my needs. After the rather confusing journey to make a decision, it seems like EUC consumers should have more hard fac
  5. I came to this forum to learn more about selecting my first EUC. YouTube reviews also played a major roll in my decision making. There are always potential ulterior motives for whatever information is posted online. Please correct me if my perspective is wrong but EUC manufacturers and resellers appear to have decided a handful of social media "Influencers" is all they need to market and promote their new products. I have no idea how these people are selected. Are they the best riders, or do they just produce the most entertaining and watched videos and willing to serve as a crash test du
  6. If a US manufacturer sold the critical parts and know how to assemble DIY wheels would they still be at risk from lawsuits? I would enjoy the challenge of trying to build my own EUC if there was a rock solid control board with perhaps some sort of built in redundancy for improved safety. Compared to building CNC routers, EUCs don't look that difficult to build, and there are tons of people building their own CNCs these days.
  7. I was thinking more of a display of disrespect for others, rules of the road, and lack of common courtesy.
  8. vesselfinder.com blows. Search on the IMO/MMSI number for other ship tracking sites not restricting open water shipping locations.
  9. The Andes is now passing the lower part of Japan traveling at 24 miles an hour with an expectation of arriving at Long Beach California late on June 22.
  10. It appears the Andes is finally leaving the congestion of Chinese ports an making its way east to Taiwan. Hopefully there are not to many more stops before crossing the Pacific.
  11. I asked ewheels if my future toy had made it out of the factory and was on a boat. Not only did they tell me it was on a ship, but told me it is on a ship called the Andes, and gave me a link to track its progress. https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/COSCO-SHIPPING-ANDES-IMO-9757888-MMSI-477194600 Currently there are huge numbers of ships parked(anchored) in cluster near Chinese ports. From what I can tell it made its stop in Yantian, but it is next due to stop in Hong Kong, which seems strange since it just left Hong Kong before going to Yantian. It appears they have to wait until
  12. Electrical stuff is not my thing but I would like to get a better understanding of the basics as it relates to EUCs I can get that the higher the wattage of the motor translates to more torque and/or higher speeds. The larger the watt hours of the battery apparently gives more energy at your disposal for longer rides and a reserve for peak demands to avoid a cut off. Could anyone give me a basic overview of how the different voltages used in EUCs impacts performance. Clearly the more powerful wheels are using 100 volts these days. What can they do better or more efficiently than an 84.2 v
  13. If people want to forgo reasonable safety measures when riding an EUC then that is their decision and likely only effects their health and safety. Go to 13.05 of this video and check out this insane parenting footage. Maybe every other person that buys an EUC should not make how too videos on the subject.
  14. I'm looking for my first full face helmet to go with my first EUC, KS 16X. I wanted something for hot weather. Finding a light colored helmet that will avoid absorbing heat seems like a good idea. Avoiding all the pimped out helmet designs and going with this plain white paint is more to my taste. There seems to be an abundance of air flow, and the visor is breakaway. As far as I can tell it is a well designed product meant for more extreme mountain biking. As best I can measure my head size(58cm) is at the maximum for the M/L size, but the manufacturer suggested buying the XXL and addin
  15. Ethereal, could you tell us more about this issue. Are all full face helmets technically suppose to be used with a motocross neck brace meant to restrict the extremes of neck movement?
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