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  1. OK, Now I know with out a dought, I'm not the only one setting in front of a computer to much.
  2. @Vanquiz Have I ever told you I love you man?
  3. It is always good to see a system pushed an tried. We know someone who would love pushing that off road.
  4. Not a Vedeo....but Sweet!! http://www.gizmag.com/ehang-184-aav-passenger-drone/41213/pictures
  5. Alice


    Don't let him fool you. If he was trying he would already be posting
  6. Alice


    @dpong It screams Where did all the children go!?!? I was waiting for the punch. I've see a few shock videos, couldn't help but wait for something to jump out. Very well done.
  7. I now have 2 Wheels. One is a 14" an the other is a 16" Both generics. Just want to say I don't notice much difference in the weight. I don't feel the 16" is harder to ride. It is hard to explain without you getting on my wheels one after the other. The 14" is more "sporty" Keep in mind just because it is more responsive, doesn't mean it make it easier to ride. I had my 16' first, so the 14" doesn't feel natural to me until I'm on it a few minutes. Jumped on Alice's log on again! Need to start look at the upper right of the web page before I start typing!!
  8. The main phrase I noticed is ground shipping only. I have no trouble with that. This shouldn't keep me from getting my next Wheel. I wouldn't want a box of cheap ass batteries flying with me. Ground might be a little slower, but it isn't what I would call a "bad" course of action... Maybe a bit of over reaction. Note: This wasn't Alice. She was logged on my computer, and I didn't notice..
  9. Thank you Villac and esaj. It bothers me sometimes when I walk wrong, but getting better daily. You both know the makes you stronger thing is a man thing right?
  10. I'll show you Stalking LMAO
  11. @SuperSport That map looks "hilly" what part of the country you live in? I'm in the center, some hills but mostly flat.
  12. Alice


    You will never get me on something like that!
  13. Alice


    That sure makes it look easy
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