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  1. I've been setting mine on a block of aluminum, with a heatsink on top and another smaller block on top, and a small fan in front. Seems to keep it nice and cool 😂
  2. As unfortunate as your incident was, it is a good testament for durability. Makes me think more about getting the Nikola for my next wheel.
  3. Mine don't fall asleep, but they do start hurting after about 15 minutes. I think it's my shoes, I've noticed that different thickness socks make it better or worse but still end up hurting after 20 or so minutes. So as the weather cools, I'll try different boots and see if any i own help.
  4. Im about 180lbs, have had my v8 for a few months now and it shut down right when I got home, EUC world app said that lowest battery level was 42% and it was probably 11 or 12 miles averaging 13mph. I'm worried that it needs a new battery even though it only has 234 miles on it. I do have a bit of a hill where our apartment is located, but I take it slow and by the top the battery gauge was red and yellow. What do you guys think? Also, how long does it take for the charger to fully balance the cells once it's green?
  5. DUDE!! that thing looks awesome! All it's missing is a little dirt and mud
  6. Mainly what is called for is not storing your wheel either full or empty charge. somewhere around 70% is generally accepted. leaving it charged for too long will make the cells lose voltage sooner, and leaving the wheel empty for too long will fade the capacity of the cells. some also recommend only charging to 80% unless really needed as this will make the pack last longer and prevent early cell failure (in the years of it's life, not each use). as far as the charger plug in first to wheel or the wall, I have no clue, it should be fine to plug into the wall first as they are all "smart c
  7. What sort of range are you getting on the ar? You may have changed my mind about the v12, hadn't heard of this model before!
  8. Also this happened back in late May, I'm totally healed now. Other than a bit of a shoulder twinge 😅
  9. I had my first cutout this summer, which has me looking at more armor. Most arm protection I see is designed for motorcycle riders and only shields the outside of the forearms, not the part I scraped up. Is there anything that will cover this area? I had been considering the fox titan or similar but now I don't know.
  10. I really wonder if this is what happened to me on my V8 Friday afternoon, the battery wasn't low, but if one cell briefly dipped below the minimum voltage, the BMS could have cut the power on me. I'm not sure what exactly caused my cutout, but I have the roadrash to remember it by! 😅
  11. Absolutely, I only have bike paths and sidewalk, no curbs. Also the angle is slightly raised and these are higher than the stock ones 👍
  12. So after about 40 miles on the V8 I could tell that my toes did not appreciate hanging out unsupported. I wanted to buy a pair of larger pedals but at $170 for the nice ones and $110 for the questionable V10 pedals, I figured I'd try making my own pair. They're 1/2 inch aluminum pivots welded to 1/4 in thick aluminum plates, cut to the rough outline of my shoe. It was the first time I used a spool gun to weld aluminum so they're not very pretty. I preheated the metal and after welding, placed them in an oven at 400F for about 30 minutes and left to cool inside the oven. Next
  13. This is how you get regulations and restrictions! Come on!
  14. I'm on day 6 and just got home from my longest ride yet of 3.29 miles! I am doing better at mounting, but I really don't like being on the sidewalk close to a busy street (our sidewalk is only about 36 inches wide and attached to the street curb!) however when I got to the bicycle path it is so nice! I'm taking it easy and trying to get a little farther each time and get familiar with the paths along the streets I will be using when I can finally get all the way to my work. My apartment is up on a hill, so I will probably have to be sure to recharge at work so I have enough juice to get
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