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  1. I’m open to any solution that will put my s18 back on the road. I have considered making my original an “organ donor” for a second s18, a used wheel. A new wheel. Even considered a tempting throw this crap-fest away moment. But I’m emotionally invested. Experience Points? You betcha!!! I don’t mind spending but I’d rather not throw money away. Things will get better.
  2. Chiming in with my experience, strength and hope for my new-dead S18 Day 1: rode to unlock. Day 2: rolled unit on a grassy knoll, say 100 feet of unit driving itself and hit a cement drain box. Damage Report: cosmetic skeletal damage to exterior shell. Days after, tire is flat, flat, flat. Ordered replacement parts. Watched the KingSong Disassembly yt vid twice at full speed. When the parts arrived, I disassembled the exterior shell and got to the hall sensor, (this playing the same Disassembly Video at half-speed where appropriate) I decided not to replace
  3. Pat: I’m in Abingdon, VA and I frequently ride in the Tri-Cities area Let’s go zoom zoom!
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