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  1. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. They should have named this the Duck Commander
  2. I dont see any listings? I assume you have to PM him for prices? What range are we talking about? 500-1000?
  3. How much does the russian fiberglass shell cost?
  4. I was still new back at the beginning of July and I may be mistaken but it was it was either the Monster Pro or RS HT/HS. This is based on the front/back LEDs which look similar between the models.
  5. You all convinced me, I ended up putting an order in for the EXN
  6. Hi SorenStarr, I am debating between the EX.N and Rs HS for primarily street riding. What are your thoughts about the handling with the extra 13 lbs and the differences jn torque between the two?
  7. I'm thinking of getting the EX.N or the RS HS. Any thoughts from anyone who has ridden both? How is the handling since the EX.N is about 13 pounds heavier? how about the difference in torque between the two?
  8. That is quite a big difference and to be honest 35kg is more in line with what I was thinking than the 28kg shown on the spec sheet.
  9. Unfortunately it still persists after turning off all alarms.
  10. The battery pack is connected in parallel. I had to add another set of wires and connectors in the wheel to allow for the 3rd parallel connection. I came out under the handle using the same path as the lift switch wires. Both external and internal packs must be charged to the same voltage prior to connecting.
  11. I have had the black motherboard for my MCM5 V2 for a couple of weeks and I noticed as I have been pushing it there is 4 consecutive beeps that does not seem to be consistent to a certain speed. It happens prior to the 5 beep 80% alarm. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a set speed this goes off at or is it variable depending on the battery? Note I have the first and second alarms turned off. From Jane Mo in another post: first speed alarm, 2 beeps per second second speed alarm, 3 beeps per second third speed alarm, 4 beeps per second 80% power
  12. Received my black motherboard last week for my MCM5 V2. One thing I noticed is that there is an extra 4 pin connector, looking at the other black motherboards I believe it is for the LCD display that is being installed on some newer models like the Tesla T3. I wonder if this will be added in the next version of the MCM5 or it was just easier to include it in all new motherboards?
  13. Just finished my external battery pack. I plan on using it on my 60V scooter and 84V (72V) EUC. I have lots of experience building battery packs so this was one of the items on my radar after getting my first EUC. Specs: Cells: Tesla 3 21700 5000mAH 10A continuous (Panasonic) Arrangement: 16S4P (60V, 20Ah) + 4S4P (12V, 20Ah) --> 72V (84V) 20Ah --> 1440Wh BMS: Each pack has its own 40A continuous BMS using common ports Weight (including back pack) --> 21 Pounds Total Capacity: EUC (MCM5 V2)+ Battery pack --> 800Wh (technically 756Wh) + 1440Wh = 2240Wh
  14. Hi supercurio, appreciate all your efforts on the app. I am redoing my LEDs with 144 density and i ended up getting the same controller so looking forward to testing it. Can the app be used simultaneously with EUC World?
  15. HI Manalla, The same thing happened to me. New motherboard appears to be the only fix unfortunately . I used my multimeter to check the output of the 5V and 12V connections and confirmed this. I have used it for about 200km since it has happened and the only thing to be cautious about is the temperatures of your board, it does run hotter but still within an acceptable range under 60C. I purchased mine in May and my motherboard is the non black with a revision date of 2021 03 23. Curious what the date is on your motherboard?
  16. Inmotion Pedals on various Gotways: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJgIPNCsCjl/?igshid=9zy8dk1hpdfo
  17. Just received mine, it seems it is not the correct chipset: P8SE (on box) p8-b MOY-GAM3-2.1.0
  18. I may need to get a new MCM5 board due to failure of the dc converter. Every system connected to 12V and 5V no longer work, including fan, bluetooth speaker, USB and light. Where can I get the black motherboard? Is contacting gotway directly ( https://www.facebook.com/gotwaycn/ ) the best way to go?
  19. Just wondering, which true width is larger, the hoop or cyt? https://www.bridgestone.com/products/motorcycle_tires/products/detail/pr041/ says the hoop is 68mm which is 2.67 inches and you mention about 2.8 inch for the cst. This true? After riding with both for a while, which would you choose?
  20. Visiting Nanaimo this weekend from Vancouver and saw someone zip by with a monster pro around the best western, anyone from the forum?
  21. How is the visibilty of the Magic 3 in the sunlight with max brightness? Will Magic 3 be compatible as well in the future?
  22. Hi enaon, thanks for all your hard work. I was planning on getting the p8 from your link shared on the 3rd post. (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000557708951.html) Are you saying it is not reliable to get it from there anymore?
  23. I noticed on the Denis Hagov's MCM5 V2 video the no load was 64 kmh which lines up with yours. I wonder why mine only tops out at 61.8. The mother board was produced in 20210323 so maybe they made some changes since the earlier V2s? Also interesting given that I don't have the black motherboard.
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