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  1. First try on a more "talking" video how I got into this awesome hobby. Still improving my skills and noticed a lot of room for improvement but any feedback appreciated
  2. Nice review! What is the range as "similar to 16x" does not say me much Also what avg speed? Really want this wheel probably will order it next year
  3. My friends second and third day on a euc. Pretty fast learner but not as fast as me Feedback is welcome!
  4. Hey! I'm currently storing/charging my wheel in my laundry room in the house. I do not fully like this as the house is made of wood and a fire would probably take down the whole house, if I cannot throw the wheel out in time. During summer, do anyone think it would be possible to store the wheel in a box outside? Either if I can build one or buy something premade. Something like where we keep our outside pillows for example Or would the moisture get to the wheel? I would also like to charge the wheel in this box... Any tips? I do not have a garage which would be the optima
  5. My friend trying out my mcm5 for the first time including some gravel getting stuck in the wheel and also the plastic braking off
  6. First time out with another wheeler. So much fun!
  7. Wow nice, thanks! I tried to find an online printing service and they wanted to charge like 300 bucks for these... What is up with thouse prices O_O
  8. Hey! I tried to build a seat for my V10F but it feels kinda flimsy... Does anyone know if the v11 seat fits for the V10F? That would be awesooome.
  9. What does it cost in filament to print these if one can find a friend with a 3d printer?
  10. Here is my first vlog, going to a nearby BMX park getting some "huge" air. Jokes aside very fun to do this kind of riding. Were always inclined to upgrade to a faster wheel like nikola+ or maybe v12 but now i'm thinking suspension and the V11/S18 is a really applealing option!
  11. Anyone have experience jumping with the V10F? Will it cutout mid air if I go higher?
  12. Hey! Thanks! Usually happens when i'm accelerating too fast. Especially up hill. It tilts the pedals back like 45 degrees so you are forced to stop. Just turn the euc off and on again to fix it. Happened like 3-4 times for me on 900km ridden.
  13. Went for a 30km ride into stockholm from the suburb. Recorded some off the fun!
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