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  1. MegaObi

    V11 longevity

    amazing thanks for all the feedback. i purchased my v11 last week already hit 200km+
  2. Is there anything we can do to prevent failures on hollow motor bearings?
  3. MegaObi

    V11 longevity

    Just wondering if anyone take these wheels over 3000km?
  4. after range my main concern would be safety - i have had too many falls on my eskateboard so definately hurts. Im worried of cutouts. Range / safety / comfort i got a friends MSX for a week to test for now
  5. Hey guys, i have been riding euc's for 3 weeks. i purchased a v8f for learning and im addicted to euc. my ONLY trouble here is the range is not enough for me. Im 85kg and can only get about 30kms from one charge. i rode a MSP and find it heavy but i guess any higher end wheel is going to be heavy. I guess it could be the downside of learning on a wheel like v8f. any input is appreciated.
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