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  1. My shoes are the TCX brand, flexible, waterproof, reinforced at the tip and maleole bone, warm lining.
  2. Okay, I'm starting to understand how it works. On the computer you can't choose, you always need a choice on a hosting site.
  3. I also try to insert a photo with a url address then with my computer, but you have to be a handyman. here you have to choose the right url, when the hosting site gives several addresses.
  4. These are motorcycle shoes. https://servimg.com/view/13294784/1112
  5. The subject is interesting. this should be read by all mayors, it is useful for the growing number of EUCs in the future. Unless I'm wrong, I hope the laws and traders won't limit this increase. I am in a small town of 30,000 inhabitants THE ONLY EUC. All ignore the place of the EUC, they discover an extraterrestrial device. There are hundreds of bikes insulting me (aI'm an old biker too) and a few pedestrians who adore me, I try to circulate with the impression of a city guinea pig. Today I laugh more often, with scooters that understand me. I hope to meet other EUCs soon.
  6. Disney made people laugh by wanting to illustrate his expression. But your videos are well designed for some clients. I wish you luck again, good ride.
  7. I see you want to use this slow moving helmet, you are braver than me. Even the bell helmet scares me, I couldn't wear it, stopped. All these huge vents for the passage of a wasp in the moving head and here is a sting and a fall. Only one advantage is its weight.
  8. Hello, I discovered this video for a helmet unsuitable for EUCs. Protect your face with a real helmet. Think about the pleasant face you are showing today. Don't imagine a pieced together face that makes you and everyone else miserable after an accident.
  9. The speed oscillation sets in at high speed if the acceleration lasts a long time, according to my impressions, the ankles weaken with a long effort, they have to be muscle often but over short distances at reduced speed. We notice it and we control on the road, but it is bigger on a path we oscillate harder on stones and we slow down in greater proportion.
  10. The stiff neck happened to me the day after too long an effort on the wheel on a strong windy day. A long crooked bad posture was exhausting but imperceptible the hot body, the evening great sleep, and the second day I was like an old cold wooden branch.
  11. It is believable. You have to accept both: the one who is overdressed is respected, he does not bother anyone; and those who want to ride naked are also respected (no photo without a suitable outfit, no ) but rarer today for several reasons. All the reasons cannot fit on a post, it is like that on all the forums, here it is very well done.
  12. Hello, I put 3 bars and I weigh 69 kg. I add my 5 kg backpack, the 1.5 kg motorcycle jacket, the 1.5 kg helmet.
  13. Merci pour vos réponses. J'utilise un casque de moto pour la route, pas de branche et visage mieux fermé. Open helmets do not stop impacts and insect bites.
  14. Hello, why is there a long cover over the opening of the eyes, and why the mouth is far ahead?
  15. Thanks for the information Chriull. I will use the bluetooth from the app in another speaker in my headset.
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