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  1. This sat or sunday july 31st or aug 1st im down to ride around winston salem downtown area and salem lake. No one seemed to want to ride last weekend. If your new at riding id still love to meet others and help the best i can to teach. I just started learning how to go down stairs a few weeks ago, 7 stairs is the biggest set ive gone down so far. I do ride about 7 days a week. During the week im in downtown area around 530ish pm.
  2. If anyone wants to do a 20 to 30+ mile ride this saturday in winston salem let me know. I have some nice routes in downtown. I start at trade st thru westend, to old salem, then greenway to salem lake and back.
  3. Carl if u want help learning im down to help. I also own a ks16x and have over 1k miles on it. I ride all over downtown winston salem and the greenway to salem lake and back.
  4. If u wanna ride salem lake id be down. Its a nice ride only 20-25 min from highpoint
  5. Im in winston salem nc. I ride everyday
  6. Just as title says. Im in the market for a veteran sherman or a begode exn.
  7. I rode with a group of one wheel guys thurs night i happened to come acrows while riding neae canal st. Was a fun ride
  8. Im in nola french quarter if anyone wants to ride tonight or tomorrow night
  9. Ill be in new orleans this thursday the 8th thru mon the 12th. Im staying a block from bourbon st. Bringing my euc.
  10. Ok. Ill have to make an instagram acct. Ill msg you.
  11. Ill be in new orleans july 8 thru 12 and im bringing my euc...id be down to cruise the french quarter, garden district and buisness district.
  12. Anyone in the triad area of NC? Have a nice greenway to salem lake and back route in winston salem. Just shy of 20 miles, with multiple short single track mountain bike paths off salem lake. Salem lake is compacted dirt&gravel and 7 miles around. Id even be up to travel to raleigh/charlotte/asheville to ride with a group on my days off work.
  13. Looking for others who want to meet up and ride. I cruise around the greenways, downtown, various mountain bike trails. Im in winston salem north carolina.
  14. Motorcyclist have a saying "loud pipes save lives" i like playing music thru bt speaker on my KS16X. It lets others in front of me know im coming. I know it can be seen as rude, but im gone out of people sights and ear shot in seconds. With ear buds in i cant hear anything around me to well, so i prefer the bt speakers on my wheel.
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