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  1. Wow looks real fresh especially when paired with the other hulaj gear. Thank you for the good reference images and replies. Got a good feel on how my shoe will feel in the pad and seeing as there is plenty of up/down space for the screw slots in order to adjust the height of the pads if adjustments are needed, as well as many different slots for left right adjustability. Strongly considering the purchase and looking forward to how your rides are using the pads.
  2. background music in videos can be downright irritating at times even if it is a good song because of the volume at which the music is played being louder than the narration. Techno/electronic music seems like some good music for fast moving sports but hearing it in every euc video playing the same couple of notes at a higher volume or equal volume on average compared to narration it tends to get irritating no matter how good the song is or how you switch it up if your playing the same genre of music for every video with similar beat patterns. Sometimes it will be easier for your microphone to
  3. Been thinking about getting the Hulaj flexpads for the V11 haven't ever purchased jumppads before for my euc an would like more control when braking and the increased maneuverability with grip, and consistency when hopping unto a curb. They are the same price as the clark pads but have a compartment I will link photos of the pads below on both their website and their instagram which has more photographs. Does anyone have any experience with these pads and would you recommend purchasing them, clark pads, or neither on the V11? (I do not know how to resize images linked in posts) https
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