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  1. Get the eucworld app. I find that it gives you more information about the wheel and more customization options and is faster to load from my experience. There is volume slider on there and other customization options.
  2. Hulaj Flexpads and inmotion pedals included. Willing to ship if buyer uses escrow.com service and can pay for shipping on their end. Pick up preferred. Added some velcro with foam padding on areas of pressure for comfort. couple scratches here and there. 335 miles on it holds full charge and voltage. Comes with charger.
  3. Yes its still available. Whatever the best rate that you can find and cover is the shipping price.
  4. Fingers crossed that they mean modular batteries/battery packs for future proofing with the current "battery shortage." Perhaps you can make this wheel a 3,500 WAH wheel using more compact batteries/battery packs in the future in what seems to be a larger casing build than the Sherman. The 21700s are larger batteries in size as well and could make up for the bulkiness on the sides of the wheel. $3,700 for a wheel is a bit steep for me though $3,000 or low $3,000 on the other hand is very enticing. Aside from that it looks good. It seems they will be using the same trolley handle but I'm not su
  5. Picked up the Inmotion hex pedals for the price and compatibility if I ever wanted to put them on other wheels thanks for the help regarding this. The spiked pedals truly give some amazing grip and no more trouble with peeling grip tape because of dust and dirt buildup.
  6. Inmotion foam/padded casing and charger included had for a couple of months works like a charm has some small scratches but everything is in working order just as it was out the box. I have a box for the wheel but you would need to pay for shipping. I can meet somewhere in the So Cal area as well. Open to offers feel free to leave a message. Photos down below. Top view Side view with case Other side no case
  7. Can you use Begode spiked pedals with Inmotion or vice versa? What is the compatibility with spiked pedals made for different brands working with other wheels? Figured that there are different pricing options and availability for different wheels and pedals is there anything that should be looked out for when purchasing in regards to dimensions of the slot of different types of pedal hanger slots that should be looked out for to know if your wheel can be compatible with certain spiked pedals?
  8. The v11 could also work well for your situation depending on where you're mostly riding you can adjust the negative and positive air suspension chambers for more or less resistances at certain heights on the wheel. It will deliver a bit more range and power than the s18 although will not be able to go as fast as an RS. Though the V11 could be a slight boost to speed and give you the suspension you need. The tire sizes for the S18, V11 and RS are 18" 3" I believe as well so your grip will be better than what you have currently no matter what you choose. It would be more comfortable to travel fa
  9. Now were talking hahaha.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCttYe8Jjxadtgb0cZOWGC0Q It seems there's already some sort of league. At this rate EUC XGames are going to be here in no time.
  11. Polo on an EUC. Thought about some activities/sports that can implement an euc in them for meets and whatnot. Hockey would be tough and soccer probably tougher. Polo though with all of its rules on fouls and the mounted experience would already have rules in place for an euc polo/soccer type sport and can easily have the euc integrated with more basic rules. Could help with getting more people into group rides that may not be able to otherwise due to wheel limitations for some of the longer distance or more taxing rides out there, while bringing more light to what the EUC can do to the greater
  12. It took me a bit to get used to the feel of the v11 too What really helped me was staggering my stance slightly and bending my knees. Even without modifications your stability is much better when putting your dominant foot just a couple of inches forward. This allows your stance to have a stronger grip on the wheel with your legs able to grab onto more surface area when gripping the body of the EUC. Then your feet staggered and knees bent will help cushion the blow and prevent you from falling. Try to have stance on the ground with feet shoulder length apart and with the ball of one of y
  13. Euc Battery/Wireless Charging Design Suggestions and Thoughts I think wireless charging would be good for charging on the go as a portable battery to get more range with perhaps some sort of attachable charging pack that you can store implementable on inmotion devices. Similar to replaceable batteries on power tools, just put it in on top maybe give it a minute or two to gain some stable charge and then your on your way. You can make a specific slot so that you can sell portable batteries without safety concerns and shut out possible dangerous 3rd party battery packs that may release
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