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  1. Thank you so much for the replies everyone! It looks like the main consensus is more miles and practicing braking and maneuvering and I fully agree with you there. It's just strange to me that in the 100-some-odd miles I put in doing all the various exercises I've managed to ride reasonably in lots and other safe areas but on the road where I'm doing the same thing I start to panic and all my skills go out the window! I know this is not a lot of experience in the grand scheme of things at all, but I definitely know that I'd have a far better shot if I could ride the same way I do wh
  2. Did any other riders here have anxiety issues when first starting to take their wheel on the road? I find that I get very anxious whenever I take my V11 out on the road and it significantly affects my control of the wheel especially when dealing with uneven road surfaces or controlling speed wobble. I've heard from experienced riders that wobble becomes much more common when anxious or stressed because those fine muscles in the leg become more taut and stiff, kinda like how your handwriting gets more erratic from drinking too much coffee,and oh boy do I experience that firsthand here in
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