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  1. Hi Ebizu, I'm relatively new too so welcome :-) I have just hit the 500km mark on my wheel and loving every minute of it.
  2. I checked the shock and Tyre pressures weekly, never changed, no sign of wear on sliding bars indicating misalignment, didn't deflate Tyre, the design of the motor covers wouldn't really allow misalignment and no gaps in sealer on flange to indicate this. I was looking for faults throughout the process since I was trying to find the cause of a knocking noise as an aside to fixing the bearing noise. My theory is the old bearings had too much side play in them which allowed the wheel to oscillate side to side which at speed fed on itself getting ever worse. Just an opinion though. The new be
  3. Thought this worth sharing since I haven't seen it during my browsing of the forum (apologies if it has been previously covered). Anyway I had been experiencing some speed wobbles on my Inmotion V11 when I hit around 40 to 45 km/h. Figured it was just something to learn to adapt to and control and to be honest was making progress on that front but yesterday replaced the bearings after they started making a horrible noise and opted for some good quality Japanese bearings. I'm not exaggerating when I say it feels like I've got a new wheel. It is actually pretty new with only 500 km o
  4. Hi folks, Thought I'd share this in case anyone else encounters it (couldn't find a post that mentioned this exact issue so hoping I'm not doubling up). At about the 200 km mark my V11 developed an annoying knocking noise. Initially it was pretty random though only happened when my weight was predominantly on the right side of the machine. As time went on it got more regular until it kept time with the wheel revolutions i.e. the faster I rode the quicker the knock. It was a double tap, sort of 'dik dok . . . . dik dok . . . . dik dok". Other than the noise the wheel rode fine.
  5. I would posit that no videos are better than videos that make us look like a bunch of reckless inconsiderate assholes to the wider public. My interest in EUC's was stimulated in no small part by Kuji Rolls and Wrongway.
  6. My daughter has one of these. It was literally life changing. From doing zero cooking she now does delicious home cooked meals at least 5 or 6 times a week. Does some amazing curries and steamed buns with it.
  7. For your entertainment . . . :-)
  8. Some key differences invalidate this comparison 1. Actors also drive cars - as well as the majority of tax payers. 2. Cars have been around and a part of most countries culture for over a hundred years 3. It is a multi billion dollar industry 4. There is no currently widely available replacement for much of the functionality of a car. The majority of people out there have never seen an EUC in the flesh. The majority of people that have seen them think they'd never be able to ride one or are inherently dangerous. The political cost of banning EUC'S would be
  9. This resonates with me but for a different reason - I wear every piece of safety gear I possibly can and feel protected enough that when I'm confronted with a peloton coming at me taking up both lanes of the cycle way I'm thinking "Full body armour versus lycra - bring it on!". Now I do keep as far to the left as possible (we ride and drive on the left hand side of the road here in NZ) but dammed if I'm going to completely give up my place in a game of chicken. If I were wearing nothing but a tee shirt and shorts I'd most likely take a different approach. To be clear I try to be the most co
  10. I worked on the enforcement side and the policy makers NEVER asked for any input from staff working on the coal face so not sure as my insight extends beyond just how poor the decision making process can be but I will keep an eye on the thread and contribute if I feel I have something worthwhile to add. I was in government work for ten years until finally the lunacy drove me out :-) <Off Topic> This is off topic but just to illustrate how 'clever' our experts are in NZ, we have a massive problem with feral rabbits destroying pasture land. The Ministry of Primary Industries in
  11. I used to work for central government in New Zealand and I can say this - when the half wits that run our country start looking to regulate any activity they don't understand their first port of call is to see what other countries/cities are doing. So a ban in New York could well result in a ban in New Zealand. While I realize no one outside of NZ gives a fuck about that it does illustrate the fact that the actions of a small group can have far reaching consequences. The flip side is I left that job about 2 years ago and they'd only just discovered Facebook and Instagram at that stage so
  12. Catching up on this post, loved this response! "Mobility Assist Wheel " is going to be my go to answer for any noisy 'karens' or officialdom - let them dare to try and have a problem with that LOL.
  13. In the short time I have been riding I have been asked dozens of times "how hard is it to ride?" But never cost as a first question. If the cost question comes up I haven't felt the need to evade it but would if my spidey sense was tingling.
  14. This was so timely - had my first serious wobbles this morning on my way to work. Hit 40 km/h and thought my life was over. There was no warning, just suddenly the craziest wobbles ever, so much so that it was difficult to brake or steer the thing. Thankfully I stuck with it and muscled it back into submission but I can tell you my heart was pumping by that stage. Rest of the ride into work was at a rather sedate 15 km/h. I suspect upping my tyre pressure may have been a contributing factor (went from 35psi to 40psi). Dropped it back to 35psi and will tentatively try some higher speed to
  15. I've always felt that adults are responsible for their own safety and if they want to take risks etc. then it's on them. Children however rely on adults to keep them safe and while I don't advocate wrapping children in cotton wool this video certainly displayed some things that made me uncomfortable as a parent. Head injuries are the worse so a helmet seems like the minimum thing I'd like to see kids wearing. A broken arm or leg will heal but not so much brain damage.
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