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  1. Has anyone else tried riding on a velodrome? Great fun indeed! Sadly it's in a poor state of repair (it's at least 40 years old and no maintenance) and pretty bumpy but that just added to the challenge :-)
  2. That was horrible to watch - watching the slow motion part in slow motion you can clearly see the EUC just lose it's self balancing, pedals dip forward and rider becoming airborne. Up to then there was no hint I could see it was all about to go sideways. Hope the rider was ok.
  3. I seriously cannot get my head around this - the law is a bunch of arse to begin with and then the fact the police are so vigilant in enforcing it. Are they on some sort of quota bonus system for tickets issued? Meanwhile people are getting stabbed left right and center - 41,000 knife offences for the year ending March 2020. That's a ridiculous number.
  4. Hi folks, Thought I'd share a simple glove hack which has proved very effective. I wanted a method to gently let people know I was gliding up behind them rather than startle them or risk them drifting in front of me. This has worked really well. They're tiny cymbals or Kartals. Available in musical instrument shops or your local Hare Krishna temple gift shop :-) They do limit the use of your hands but to be honest my hands aren't doing a lot when I'm riding so they've worked well for me.
  5. Sounds like the Police in the UK are on a mission. It is so incredibly rare to see Police in Auckland except when they're rushing to a murder with their lights and sirens going. I mean they must be out there but not where I tend to ride. The couple of times I have seen them seemingly 'on patrol' and not blazing along at 100 km/h in a 50km area I've avoided eye contact and legged it (or more accurately wheeled it) just in case they get curious. I make sure I don't carry any ID on me but do have a Roll.nz business card - if I were ever to be pulled over I'd tell them my name is Kevin Gri
  6. I was riding a UC right up until I bought an EUC and knew instantly my pedaling days were over :-) I do believe the UC riding helped me master the EUC riding faster with the main benefit being confidence on a single wheel. The EUC was sooooooo much easier to ride and learn than the UC. Wouldn't be wanting to switch in the other direction. The UC was fun but the EUC is next level fun. Good luck!
  7. I actually run a 3 can system. 1 can in the van, 2 in the shed (5 litre cans). When it's time to fill the van the can in the van goes into the van. Then I refill it while refilling the van. This can then goes into the shed and the oldest of the shed cans is promoted to the van. The cans are numbered 1 to 3 so that I don't lose track. The main purpose of the cans is for my back up generator and the sole purpose of the generator is to keep the fridge going in a grid down situation. We store the bulk of my daughters insulin reserves in our fridge (and she keeps some at her apartment).
  8. I see your point - thinking about it the beep is probably more like the low fuel warning light on your car. You know you still have a good few miles left. In my case I never let my fuel level fall below half and I've got a can of petrol in the back just in case.
  9. I ask each guard in turn if the wise man is indeed wise - the one that tells me no is the liar.
  10. I've got a headache - but I finally got my head around it when I decided the bell boy was actually quite honest and went back to the man behind the desk and admitted he couldn't divide the $5 between 3 people and gave the $2 back meaning the total in the hotel's kitty was $27, exactly what the men had paid. The hotel then discounted the $2 from their breakfast bill the following morning. All is good in the universe.
  11. Sounds like she should consider public transport. Or get an EV.
  12. I feel like the legs hanging out the bottom would take some punishment. I'll pass on that. I've been in a large zorb ball where you are completely inside it - it's all good while you are sliding within the inner ball as it rolls until you hit a bump then you start to bounce around inside it which is distinctly uncomfortable.
  13. I wrote a small Javascript program for my simulation. I've been studying JS over the lockdown we're currently enduring so this was a nice little practical exercise. Probably not the most elegant code but I believe the logic is sound. function randomDoor() { const rndDoor = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3) + 1; return rndDoor; } function findRevealDoor(prizeDoor, contestantDoor) { let validReveal = false; while (!validReveal) { let revealDoor = randomDoor(); if (revealDoor !== prizeDoor &
  14. So you have a 50/50 chance . . . which is why the 66% is so annoying - I feel like it should be 50% chance of either door - the original choice or the swap out door.
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