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  1. Another “hello” from Guelph. Maybe my son and I will see you around Dragonfly.
  2. Ditto that. With only 250 km of EUC experience, most of it in the V8F, it’s been hard to discern the differences between settings. Most thankful fir the insight!
  3. I'm stuck in the analysis-paralysis phase right now, wondering if there is any real benefit to a viscoelastic foam like D3O *if* you are also planning to put it behind a hard shell. These things do exist, are being offered by e.g. Fox Racing, but trying to figure out if it's worth the extra e.g. $40 compared to old-school foam behind the hard shell has me stalled. Whereas they're claiming some small performance enhancement, like same protection with less weight, or same protection with more comfort (vs. the traditional foam), it still makes the advantages pretty hard to evaluate from a websit
  4. This is exactly the same procedure I was taught when learning to drive a car, roughly 3 decades ago. Did you have the same driving instructor? :-) I can't think of a better habit than these steps. I'll be putting a mirror on my wrist protectors.
  5. Enjoying this discussion - thanks for starting this thread and for the many contributions. I’m also wondering about straight legs, hard shells, under/over clothes, etc. More for me to ponder...
  6. I'm moving along at a similar pace, dangasaur. At 25 km/hr (the highest without toggling the warning switch in the app), it's spooky how comfortable that has gotten during my nightly "patrol" of the neighbourhood. It's really easy for me to get complacent with the speed, even though I'm now well past my ability to run off from a mistake without doing a faceplant. I wear the wrist guards and helmet every time, and also a kind-of-tough-material jacket I don't care about so much. Any faster, and I'll be looking for knee and elbow pads.
  7. Hi folks, Here's a creative project that gripped me shortly after getting a new InMotion V8F. In my garage I was always laying the EUC on its side, on a carpet welcome mat, because it wouldn't reliably stand on its own little "kickstand bumps" or against the wall atop the rather-sloped floor. This just took too much room, and looked lame (not that I'm much hung up on style - see how much foam bumper I plastered all over it for learning!). I'd seen plenty of variety in support stands on videos and then went reading through all the forum threads I could find here (with plenty of good ide
  8. Same topic... need to figure out this image thing...
  9. Several years after the last post... Just got and started upping my EUC game on the V8F, and named the issue I'm feeling as "pedals dipping forward while turning" for myself. It didn't take long to find the later posts in this thread. This seems like a problem with algorithms, sensing tilt and acceleration, and something that firmware updates should have fixed in the last 3+ years. It's a *significant* amount of dip, and when I straighten up again can feel it slowly returning to the neutral position over the next 10-15 seconds. Not just in my mind - it's in the pedals. There were
  10. That's a wonderful little cheering section you have behind the camera.
  11. Seems like April Fools comes earlier every year... time zone math is tricky.
  12. Wow - quick replies. Eric plam: can you provide a link to the marketplace, please? I don't know where you are indicating. wpatters: rookie that I am, I'm also a rookie at trying to get something like an EUC shipped across country borders. Do you have any experience with this, or maybe more specifically, can you suggest what I might need to know for assessing the likely (surprise!!) costs to ship? Gulp - brokers seem to find a way to get in between 2 private citizens and then charge taxes, handling fees, duties, etc. I surely appreciate the response, folks. :-) -Trevor
  13. Hi folks, 16 km/hr on our new-to-us, secondhand Swagtron Swagroller isn't really quick enough any longer. That EUC is a heckuva "gateway drug"! Now my son and I are addicted, and looking for a 2nd EUC so we can wander around together, but also a slightly higher speed. Not much interested in lower (build) quality stuff, research has led us to the InMotion V5 and 8, with or without the F option. The IP rating is promising for our Northern climes in a greater proportion of the year (the Swagroller scores IP55, too). Is anybody considering moving up, and selling their old InMotion to
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