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  1. I bought used elite and rode it fine but battery would drain fast. Downloaded firmware upgrade with bt app. Set battery assignment to large capacity and worked great. Fast forward after sitting for 6 month. Dead battery, so I removed it only to discover it was rebuilt. I charged the 15 individual pairs on both batt banks. Found many cells would just pass current w/charging and several fried open cells. I built 2 new pacs w/all new high capacity Samsung batts and reused both bcm’s. Found a bunch bad solder joints and reassembled. Powered up and made full charge. Now when it boots it’s stuck in
  2. Hi, I opened up recently purchased elite only to find batteries were repaired. It rode ok but died quickly and often gave faults. My question is are the battery 1 and 2 groups configured identical or are they mirrored line segways and other pairs? I rebuilt battery 1 but not 2 and getting fault (37) for charge/voltage difference too great. I just don’t want to assemble battery2 the same way if it is supposed to be mirror image. Thx. Jeff Ps the poor workmanship /solder mess is not mine I use spot welds. Pic to come
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