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  1. Have you experienced “cut off” or “cut out” when going less than 15 mph ? I ask this because after watching YT videos of cut off accidents and reading about others that had cut off, I’m wondering how safe EUC really is. I’ve ridden motorcycles and ATVs for more than 35 years and fortunately never had a serious accident, I use common sense and wear protective gear. BUT, if cut out can happen randomly when only going 15 mph or less without a cause then I think I might rethink buying a EUC. I really want to buy one but if I’m not pushing it and riding safely and random cut offs occur, is thi
  2. I want to Thank all of you for your input, thoughts and suggestions. This has confirmed my feeling that I need to go for it! This forum is full of supportive riders with great insight. I’ll be using my tax refund to buy a new KS18XL hopefully in about 7 weeks from now. I’m looking forward to the challenge of learning to ride. I will put in the work to learn and practice, but I have seen many people talk about 15 minutes a day effort to learn, is that enough time per day? When learning to ride a wheel, is it physically exhausting to learn? Is that why people suggest 15 minutes per
  3. OK this is the issue. My only exposure to the EUC world is what I see on YouTube and recently what I read here on this forum. I have also read that people will purchase a wheel having not ridden one because the area that they live does not have many riders to interface with. I live in Frederick, Maryland, USA and just wanted to ask if any of you have purchased a wheel without riding one and have been disappointed? I’m planning on spending $2000 on a wheel and I’m hoping I will enjoy riding the EUC. I ride my motorcycle and ATV once in a while but the excitement isn’t what it used to be. Your t
  4. I am looking to get my first EUC, I was thinking of buying a used KS 18XL Do you think buying used is OK ? or should I be looking to buy new ? If I buy used, where would I look to for used KS 18XL ? I am new to this, sorry if these questions seem stupid, I just want to avoid making a big mistake. Thanks
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