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  1. Slide it in from the bottom to the top over the inner lip of the shell, tap gently with a wooden mallet or hammer until the mudguard goes all the way to the top. I also had to break off the 2 top notches from the mudguard as the sliding method would not have working with them.
  2. Sorry for the shameless self promo, but gonna be selling my Nik+, maybe some local here would be interested
  3. Price - 1200€ Location: Helsinki, Finland. Delivery to EU might be possible, but would have to research how to do it and buyer would have to cover the cost. Mileage - 3500km Purchased March 2021 from eucsale.com Never opened, never repaired (never needed to) Everything stock Everything works as should (except bluetooth speaker - works, but came with defect from factory so sounds like crap) Never crashed Never ridden in rain Never used for tricks / jumps Was my learner wheel so some scuffs and scratches on the shell (no structural damag
  4. Dude, he's not sewing these bags together in his basement or anything like that. These types of bags have been in the market for a long time, but mostly just used by the "RC airplane" community etc so the bags are usually too small for an EUCs. He probably just found a supplier somewhere in China, gave the size specs and slapped a logo on it. By the way, if anyone knows where I could buy a bag like this that would ship to europe, please let me know, so far the largest bag I could find is this, but unfortunately it's not big enough. I contacted this GingerOnWheels, but he's not sure if he'
  5. Police shenanigans 101: How to make a quick buck to fill in your fine quota for the month: 1. Find a spot in city center with at least one of these a) a horrible unrideable cobblestone surface b) heavy bus traffic c) tight lanes so that cars and buses don't have space to go around bicycles. Bonus if it's all 3! 2. People are naturally terrified to ride anything less than a 2 ton car on a meat grinder like that so they will naturally go on the sidewalk 3. That's where you cast your net, relax and wait... Easy money. Bonus if you make some poor student cry because he won't be able
  6. It's years later, but just wanted to say thanks for the links (they still work lol), they saved my butt. The fan on my Nik+ is making weird noises and I couldn't find the model of this fan anywhere online until stumbled on your post!
  7. This Sauhu is also a luxurious trash place 😀. Just less likely to be full of screaming children
  8. Yeas @mrelwood I thought of your pitiful battery 😀 and totally forgot to mention - charge / lunch in Kerava city center about half way (point 38 on the map). I found a restaurant called Sauhu that should be nice, but if there's any problems with charging etc we'll be in the center so can find some other place.
  9. New tour this Saturday! This time outside the capital area so will be something different. Lots of gravel roads, farm roads and not so well know off road tracks. Tried to make plan it as ridable as possible, but as usual some sections might need to be walked. Tour map here. Meetup at point A (parking lot next to golf course) at 11am this Saturday (5.6). I'll be driving from Arabia in Helsinki so can pick someone up along the way if there are volunteers (PM me).
  10. New week new tour! Last Saturday @mrelwood told me he's getting tired of the fact that all my tours are based basically in his own backyard in Espoo / Nuuksio so this time I planned something on completely opposite side of the map . I'm calling this one Terra incognita (map link), should be a really fun one. The trail will mostly be gravel / cycleway / forest riding, but there will be a few small section where walking might be needed. Also there are 3 big skip-able sections for those who need to save the battery. Lunch spot not decided yet. Lets meet 11am this Saturday (27.06), at t
  11. Another week another tour. This time - epic 65km gravel tour of Espoo parks and outskirts. I plan to stop for lunch in a restaurant around 45km mark so there might be an opportunity to charge, but no guarantees. If weather forecast holds and there's no rain tour will start Saturday (05.22) 11am from the parking lot next to Leppävaaran stadion, see map below for details. If anyone wishes to join, welcome! https://www.komoot.com/tour/370247363?ref=wtd
  12. There will be an epic ride for sure, but I haven't decided which one and what time. For now planning on this route, but might opt for something easier . If anyone want to join we can plan a bit more concrete this evening.
  13. Another epic ride planned for tomorrow. Might be some difficult segments. Tervetuloa! https://www.komoot.com/tour/361459160?share_token=aErboB39Q6qiUBUO5M91aheLDpY0VcxDWy0a7kDgS6dKG6hX5z&ref=wtd
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