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  1. I think this assertion about euc user affluence may apply in other regions, or at least this forum. I think it does not hold as a characterization of NYC EUC riders. It is probably also worth pointing out that the legalization of ebikes and escooters in NYC (and for now the implicit acceptance of EUCs within this umbrella) is actually due to advocates for the people using PEVs to make a living, largely in delivering food. When the pandemic drove more dependence on deliveries, this ultimately proved a catalyst in legalizing ebikes and escooters as delivery people enabled people to hide in
  2. Do you actually leash your wheel? Have thought about the concept, but fear the cons might outweigh the pros. Is there a good way to do it?
  3. I definitely get the concept of trying to force some additional operator caution. But too many things out of my control that could end with my face hitting the pavement!
  4. These look pretty reasonable to me overall. Has the maximum speed been an issue? Clearly a lot of EUCs can go faster. Or just not an issue so long as you are operating at reasonable speed for wherever you are?
  5. I think the community outrage is reasonable when expressed in the interest of avoiding hard lessons. Loses its high ground in wishing hard lessons on people.
  6. Ok so if we are taking this literally - then the hope would be if this race was run again you would want them to not wear helmets or other gear so that in addition to looking reckless by behavior they also set a bad example by not wearing safety gear. And then on top of that, if something did go wrong, you would want increase the chances of the rider getting harmed while doing nothing to reduce the risk to others with the hope that is teaches them a lesson? This doesn't seem productive to me.
  7. While I would share in the hope that everyone riding EUCs everywhere behaves responsibly, I am a bit pessimistic that is a realistic expectation. EUCs and PEVs are new and as adoption grows there will be growing pains, including those pushing the limits. I think the better hope than consistent universal good behavior is that some regions do a good job adapting, setting a positive example of how to regulate in a way that is reasonable and appropriate while accepting progress. Started a separate thread along these lines, and with your experience in gov't you might have insight - What does good e
  8. Can we find ways to express outrage that would not risk being interpreted as wishing harm on someone? I don't think the intended point, but this could be read that way.
  9. I think there are a few things here. While I am not interested in more regulation, I do fear more regulation may be inevitable over some time horizon as adoption grows. I suspect that if people felt their own region's regulatory environment was stable, you would not get reactions saying some behavior is "going to get us banned". You might get reactions of concern for sure, but people would not worry about behavior in one region changing the rules for them in their own region. For instance, dangerous motorcycle, car, or bicycle activity may draw concern, but nobody would voice concern that any
  10. Back in 2014 NYC lowered the speed limit for cars on most roads to 25mph from 30mph. Sounds similar.
  11. For what its worth, while EUCs are not currently the focus of discussion in NYC, there is a very related debate in NYC for registration/licensing that applies to bikes, ebikes, and scooters. Doesn't look like there is support for such proposals to pass, but worth noting the debate is real. Kathryn Garcia Slips on Marcia Kramer’s Bike-Licensing Banana Peel E-Bikes Shouldn’t Ride in the Bike Lane, Community Board Committee Says Curbed - Helmet Laws Are Not What New York City Cyclists Need Right Now With Injuries Piling Up Across New York City, Mayor De Blasio Is Considering
  12. Not sure I want EUC grouped with motorcycles for a whole bunch of reasons, but mostly because EUCs can be operated safely in a lot of venues that motorcycles cannot (e.g. bike lanes). But kinda agree that registration or something like it may be inevitable. Seems like a lot of the rules needed are basically already in place (basic traffic laws). The risk is that the normal rules are currently unenforceable absent something like registration, and that leads to something worse than registration (bans being the extreme). I don't like the thought of registration and would not make me happy, but ma
  13. I see where you are coming from. Frankly, I basically have the same preference. But emphasis on preference.......don't think its a realistic expectation that the status quo holds as adoption rises - though not forecasting any timelines here at all. Right now, people see videos of bad behavior, and get angry both because they see something unsafe AND because they fear it will change their status quo for the worse. I understand that sort of response, but don't see that ultimately being any sort of long-term solution. To be clear, I have no interest in advocating for regulation. I just thi
  14. There is apparently a lot of energy spent on this forum worrying about being “banned”. These concerns are understandable given rules that already exist in some regions and the still early stage of adoption. Even so, my own take is that conversation is a bit too binary – either “banned” vs the grey area status quo persists – when the most likely eventual outcome in most regions is likely more regulation that does not include a “ban”. The key uncertainty is whether is whether such future regulation is reasonable and appropriate, or excessively restrictive. Done the right way, it could very well
  15. I haven't tried them. I know a lot of people like them. I believe that one key difference between the hillbilly gloves and the triple eight hired hands is that the hillbilly gloves don't have a back plate while the triple eight hired hands do. Might be something to consider if I have that right, though not jumping to any conclusions since I haven't tried them.
  16. The TSG professional wristguards have plastic splints on both the top and the bottom. So definitely dual sided.
  17. The big one for me is the extra headroom on speed. Its not that I am a frequent high speed rider (far from it), but the the few times I have pushed my 16x above 25mph it's because I was trying to create space for safety reasons. I would prefer in those situations not to need to think about how close I might be to the wheel's limit. I also think the waterproof rating would add a big layer of comfort. Doubt I will seek out riding in the rain, but would take comfort in knowing the wheel should be ok if I get caught in the rain. The third major item is the adjustable pedals. I don't spe
  18. Not sure there is any real disagreement here ....... I think you might be debating a view I never expressed. Actually, hadn't intended to express any personal view or wholistic appraisal at all. I hoped only to shed some light on a narrow question with a relevant albeit limited comparison from Adam's videos since I happen to have just sought the info out of curiosity. I had no intention to assert what wheel was "best" outside the scope of that narrow question, or even that those data points served as any definitive evidence within the narrow question. If you want to know what wheel I think is
  19. Yeah, I wouldn't overanalyze that data I posted. Hoped my caveat that it was "not a scientific answer by any means" might preempt. It's just one guy attempting to max out acceleration on different wheels - many caveats apply, take it for what it's worth. I certainly won't be submitting the data to a peer reviewed academic journal for publication anytime soon ;).
  20. Had the same question. Not a scientific answer by any means, but chased down 0-40km/h times from wrongways reviews for V12, 16X, and Nikola. V12 3.7s, 16X 3.3s, Nikola+ 100V 3.6s, Nikola 84V 4.2s
  21. If you buy the Flic 2 button, the key is to set it up fully through the EUC World app. Just click the main menu in the EUC World app, go to "Flic Buttons", then click "Connect to Flic 2". Don't recall the exact process from there, but pretty sure the app walks you through it. Then you can assign functions to one click, double click, and press and hold. One of the actions you can assign is the horn. I keep a Flic button attached to my backpack strap always and use it mainly to "request voice message", getting easy access to current speed etc..
  22. I don't know options for V11. On a KS16x, you can connect a flic button through EUC World and use it to trigger the horn.
  23. If I understand the original question correctly, you were debating the personal risk/reward of going faster. In this context, this thread actually paints a pretty cohesive story. Seems like everyone acknowledges higher speed carries higher personal risk. Whether it is worth it to you requires a personal weighing of risk/reward. Not surprising that the extra risk is not worth it to some and very much worth it to others. So long as you make the choice without deluding yourself about potential risks, neither answer is wrong in my view. Seems like some answers touch on a separate debate about spe
  24. Can offer a perspective from a beginner with just a couple hundred miles under my belt. Was in your shoes pretty recently. I bought a KS16x new. It has been a good wheel to start out with for sure. Very durable, manageable size, but still decently capable assuming you are ok with the speed cap (that's really a longer-term issue anyway...early on feels very fast). Also, found having a really good trolley handle hugely valuable early in the process - any time I was uncomfortable with a situation, very easy to stop and walk. Not something I had focused on. Though I didn't follow it, the rec
  25. I have spiked pedals and pads. With that slipping is no concern for me, feel very secure.
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