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  1. This is ultimately about what the city decides to enforce and how, and it is always evolving. The status for EUCs has not changed, and as far as anyone here has experienced - neither has functional enforcement. What is new since last year was the formal legalization of e-bikes and e-scooters. I may not get all the exact history right but it goes something like this - E-bikes and e-scooters did not have formal legal status until last year during the pandemic, achieved largely because of the people using such e-vehicles to deliver food - this helped push the politics of the debate forward.
  2. GPW


    Thanks for the update. Curious if the difference for you is the ability to use split mode, or if the improvements came with the standard ride mode settings? In dialing in the settings, where did you land? On other wheels, what settings have you preferred? I received the firmware update as well, but have not had the opportunity to test. Just looking through the updated settings both on the wheel and in app post update, seems still some glitches to work out with split mode - possibly inconsequential, dunno yet, haven't tried. The in-app sliders for split mode seem to span 0-200% while the o
  3. GPW


    Anyone considering a tire change? I happen to have a spare 16" h-666 tire I had already had as backup for my 16x. Seems like the feedback on the forum for other wheels (16x and nikola) has been that the h-666 tire is better than the 1488. Though the feedback on 1488 seems to vary - some only criticize that it wears too fast, while others don't like the ride feel (preferring 666). If tire changes were easy would be inclined to swap just to experiment.... but inclination right now is that it's probably not worth the hassle. But curious if anyone has any thoughts, for v12 or given experience
  4. GPW


    Did this update just rollout to you, or did you need to inquire with distributor to have them push the firmware update out? (wondering if I should just wait patiently, or if there is need to request) Update: I did reach out to Ewheels and they sent my info over to Inmotion on Friday. Will see if comes through.
  5. In viewing the original video by Ronin/Chris (well done by the way), seemed like the point was a technique for acceleration that they viewed as also having stability. Maybe interpreting wrong but seems incomplete to focus only on speed, as much as how it combined with stability. Not weighing in here, just attempting to sum up the message as I saw it. I dunno if connected directly or not, but one thing that I have noticed in learning over past year or so, is that there seems to be a stability benefit to always having diagonal cross tension with one foot pushing down forward (forefoot), and
  6. GPW


    Since first batch and not many out there, thought I would offer V12 first impressions. Very early days with just unboxing and one short 6-mile ride today. For reference, I am coming from 16x. Short version: So far I am very happy with the purchase/upgrade, though still at first impression stage. Longer version: Does feel very high quality / well made, consistent with all the reviews. Screen works well and is useful. Glad to have it. Trolley handle is good enough. 16x trolley is of course easier to use, but V12 trolley handle will serve just fine. My 16x look
  7. I have a Leatt MTB 4.0 v21 and love it, having tried a couple helmets before it (including the TSG Pass). A couple things that matter to me (maybe less so for others): (1) I don't like how heavier helmets mess with my center of gravity. Both the Leatt MTB 4.0 v21 and TSG Pass are very light, but most motorcycle helmets are heavier (presumably to meet higher standards). (2) It really matters to me how well I can hear what is around me and my Leatt helmet is great in this regard. I feel like I have much better awareness. This is ultimately what bothered me with the TSG Pass - at least with visor
  8. I think this assertion about euc user affluence may apply in other regions, or at least this forum. I think it does not hold as a characterization of NYC EUC riders. It is probably also worth pointing out that the legalization of ebikes and escooters in NYC (and for now the implicit acceptance of EUCs within this umbrella) is actually due to advocates for the people using PEVs to make a living, largely in delivering food. When the pandemic drove more dependence on deliveries, this ultimately proved a catalyst in legalizing ebikes and escooters as delivery people enabled people to hide in
  9. Do you actually leash your wheel? Have thought about the concept, but fear the cons might outweigh the pros. Is there a good way to do it?
  10. I definitely get the concept of trying to force some additional operator caution. But too many things out of my control that could end with my face hitting the pavement!
  11. These look pretty reasonable to me overall. Has the maximum speed been an issue? Clearly a lot of EUCs can go faster. Or just not an issue so long as you are operating at reasonable speed for wherever you are?
  12. I think the community outrage is reasonable when expressed in the interest of avoiding hard lessons. Loses its high ground in wishing hard lessons on people.
  13. Ok so if we are taking this literally - then the hope would be if this race was run again you would want them to not wear helmets or other gear so that in addition to looking reckless by behavior they also set a bad example by not wearing safety gear. And then on top of that, if something did go wrong, you would want increase the chances of the rider getting harmed while doing nothing to reduce the risk to others with the hope that is teaches them a lesson? This doesn't seem productive to me.
  14. While I would share in the hope that everyone riding EUCs everywhere behaves responsibly, I am a bit pessimistic that is a realistic expectation. EUCs and PEVs are new and as adoption grows there will be growing pains, including those pushing the limits. I think the better hope than consistent universal good behavior is that some regions do a good job adapting, setting a positive example of how to regulate in a way that is reasonable and appropriate while accepting progress. Started a separate thread along these lines, and with your experience in gov't you might have insight - What does good e
  15. Can we find ways to express outrage that would not risk being interpreted as wishing harm on someone? I don't think the intended point, but this could be read that way.
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