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  1. If you buy the Flic 2 button, the key is to set it up fully through the EUC World app. Just click the main menu in the EUC World app, go to "Flic Buttons", then click "Connect to Flic 2". Don't recall the exact process from there, but pretty sure the app walks you through it. Then you can assign functions to one click, double click, and press and hold. One of the actions you can assign is the horn. I keep a Flic button attached to my backpack strap always and use it mainly to "request voice message", getting easy access to current speed etc..
  2. I don't know options for V11. On a KS16x, you can connect a flic button through EUC World and use it to trigger the horn.
  3. If I understand the original question correctly, you were debating the personal risk/reward of going faster. In this context, this thread actually paints a pretty cohesive story. Seems like everyone acknowledges higher speed carries higher personal risk. Whether it is worth it to you requires a personal weighing of risk/reward. Not surprising that the extra risk is not worth it to some and very much worth it to others. So long as you make the choice without deluding yourself about potential risks, neither answer is wrong in my view. Seems like some answers touch on a separate debate about spe
  4. Can offer a perspective from a beginner with just a couple hundred miles under my belt. Was in your shoes pretty recently. I bought a KS16x new. It has been a good wheel to start out with for sure. Very durable, manageable size, but still decently capable assuming you are ok with the speed cap (that's really a longer-term issue anyway...early on feels very fast). Also, found having a really good trolley handle hugely valuable early in the process - any time I was uncomfortable with a situation, very easy to stop and walk. Not something I had focused on. Though I didn't follow it, the rec
  5. I have spiked pedals and pads. With that slipping is no concern for me, feel very secure.
  6. Seems to me that pedal tilt preferences and benefits may be related in some large part to ankle mobility (dorsiflexion). After many ankle sprains when I was younger, my right ankle really stiff. Forward pedal tilt gives me better range of motion. Kinda like how weightlifting shoes with heel lifts allow for deeper squat. Maybe just me....
  7. Have tried a ton if wrist guards (a lot of order return trial and error), so happy to weigh in and save trial and error for others. No gloves, built in gloves, or separate gloves and wrist guard combo?: I agree with comment about fingers being exposed with just wrist guards. I found I preferred light mtb gloves (like these link) used with wristguards like flexmeter as opposed to the combo wristguard gloves (or half finger gloves). But total personal preference. What I ended up using: Flexmeters: Best protection in my view. Have had some minor durability issues, but less th
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