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  1. So after a stress test on mah wheel(EXN) i opened it up and foun there is a bit of crap and moisture cominh in between the main body and side panels. Now between those 2 is a bit of like ruber which should be sealing it and obviously that part is failing its purpose in existence. Question is what can i use to fix this? A thick ruber paint coat on that part? Just an idea, not sure what people use for this
  2. Yeah it was the black motherboard. And to correct myself, the new motherboard fixed the issue. I just had to use the travel unlock
  3. It was motherboard failure, installed a new one an works now. Had an half hour of bad times till i remembered to try to deactivate travel mode
  4. Had same stuff happen on a 30 mins used, new exn. Chinese customer support said it was motherboard failure and sent a new one which i installed 10 mins ago. It was not it lol, an now what? Any update on your issue?
  5. Talked with tech support an they tell me motherboard failed, am waiting on new one, will update
  6. So i got my Exn, as first wheel as well. Was learning to drive it, like half an hour. Doing a bit tilting forward and back to get used to it an managing 2 meters with no support. Anyways it dies... Now when i press the turn on button it will flash the light, and show voltage for half a second and turn off... Charged it fully and it did accept charge... Am at a bit of a loss here so help please
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