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  1. Wow, thanks so much! I bought the wheel with over 6k miles on in and it was pretty beat up, so I knew it wasn't going to be in perfect condition I am just hesitant to take it apart because I don't want to take it out of commission for the day. If a battery pack is loose do I just double sided tape it in place or are there brackets or something I will need? Also, is there any type of waterproofing or preventative things I should do once I have it open? Thanks!
  2. First of all I want to say this wheel is the best thing ever and I can't believe I let myself wait for as long as I did before buying one. I live on a farm and mostly have done gravel and off road in the two weeks I have had my 18XL. I have gotten pretty comfortable on it but the fed times I have taken big jumps or tried bunny hopping it on a branch or anything I feel an internal thump that feels like something inside dropping down just a moment after I feel the landing. Often this is followed by persistent double beeping but the wheel seems to work and balance fine, I dismount and the beeping
  3. Edit: Yes, I just needed to calibrate my wheel! I just got an XL as my first wheel. Spent today getting the hang of it and then tonight decided to update the firmware. It updated and and it gave me new options in EUC world to adjust but now the wheel doesn't balance or roll? Am I missing a step? I should probably try calibrating, I guess.
  4. I can't private message yet but really want this. I live in Wisconsin and would pay for shipping, but I have family in NYC if you'd rather not deal with posting it.
  5. I am also interested, really eager to get a wheel.
  6. Hey Eric I am interested in the s18, I can't PM yet but how much time is left on the warranty? Thanks
  7. Hey, I am very interested, I just signed up looking to buy my first wheel and not sure if I can PM.
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