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  1. The shell looks too bulky with that tire. Should give it a beefier wide tire to match.
  2. Rehab1: That's the same guy? I don't think so. The guy in the news video is on what looks like an Inmotion and isn't wearing a helmet. This other guy you posted isn't doing anything dangerous. He's on the pedestrian path with a helmet on a Kingsong XL. The news guy is basically riding in the slow lane of the freeway mixed in with traffic with cars that go up to 80+ at times and no helmet. Ballzy I must say... but not too bright.
  3. Ok who was it? This is basically the freeway... https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/man-on-electric-unicycle-joins-holiday-commuters-on-bay-bridge/ar-BBYnwoJ
  4. This is the most balanced report I've seen from Western media about what's going on in HK.
  5. Wow good to know but I won't go faster than about 40 ish regardless since I'm a bit chicken but the more reserve power the better. I don't even know which version I got and now they're on version 3? I thought version 2 was the newest. The Green Fashion shop page just said 2019 1036WH 84V 2000W version so I'm assuming I have the V3??? Also good to know it can handle bigger tires. If you're able to squeeze a 3" on yours please post. Otherwise I'll just try to put on a 2.5" instead.
  6. You're doing sustained 50+km/h on your GT16? That doesn't sound very safe...I thought around 48 was the max safe limit? Plus can you fit a 2.5" tire on the GT16? Will it rub? I just got my GT16 not long ago.. not interested in any of the newer wheels at all. They all look too big and dorky to me.
  7. As with anything there are trade offs. I think they're heavier and the ride is probably more jarring too I think kinda like runflat tires for cars I guess, but with material and design advances they will get better over time. Airless tires are already being used widely in bike sharing programs in China.
  8. That really depends on how quickly airless tires catch on in China if at all but never say never. Just because something never happened before doesn't mean it can't happen later, and cleaning dirt out of an airless tire is a no brainer compared to changing out an inner tube.
  9. I think once they go with airless tires or solid foam core inner tubes we won't have to worry about flats anymore
  10. BA-B8

    Some Ninebot news

    Came across this article today. Looks like some exciting news for Ninebot/Segway. The infusion of cash will give them a nice shot in the arm to develop some really cool innovations for personal mobility devices going forward. --------------------------- https://www.caixinglobal.com/2017-10-23/101160050.html Ninebot Ltd., the Tianjin-based manufacturer of the popular Segway two-wheeler, has raised $100 million for robot and short-distance transportation development projects. Providing the financial support was the China Mobile Innovation Industry Fund and a fund managed by SDIC Innovation, Ninebot announced on its website. Artificial intelligence (AI) projects are also on the agenda at 5-year-old Ninebot, which purchased the U.S. developer of the one-person, two-wheeled Segway vehicle in 2015 with financial support from Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc. Other Ninebot investors include the venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and U.S. chip-maker Intel Corp. Ninebot’s personal transportation business is called Segway PT (which stands for “personal transportation”), and Segway Robotics, which includes AI initiatives. The personal transportation unit encompassed Segway Discovery, which offers two-wheeler rentals in tourist areas, resorts and urban districts worldwide. More than 1,000 Segway rental outlets are operating globally. The company recently unveiled its first consumer-market robot, Segway Loomo, which features an AI system with speech and hearing functions so that the machine can interact with people. Ninebot’s AI efforts have won support from the Chinese government, which selected the firm to help draft standards for self-balancing transportation systems. Wan Gang, who heads the Ministry of Science and Technology, signaled the government’s interest by visiting Ninebot’s Beijing office last week, the company said. “As the government has invested heavily in the (AI) area, many startups and big corporations are also committing to building their own AI systems,” Wan said. “Ninebot can also contribute to that.” Contact reporter Mo Yelin (yelinmo@caixin.com)
  11. I've always kept my Ninebot in my trunk for the last year or more. Haven't noticed any problems with the battery nor did my car get broken into because of it. After this thread however I might consider leaving it home on the really hot days.
  12. Sorry I'm not too technical but why isn't there just a gas engine powered one? Seems like most of the complaints about EUC's on here are either about power, range, or cut offs (safety). Basically folks dream of a single wheeled motorycycle pretty much right? Does it have to be electric to have be self balancing, but I think there are some gear driven ones like the old Rockwheels right? So why can't someone just build a gas powered gear driven monster unicycle with tons of HP and will never cut off?
  13. You can't compare a 14" wheel to an 18" wheel. Why do you need to make this comparison? If you value safety over speed and don't care about the price probably then the Solowheel is better but just get both.. cuz you know you want to.
  14. BA-B8


    Seriously? I would say after the initial learning period EUC riding doesn't need any kind of serious fitness. If you just look around on the forum a lot of us are middle aged pot bellied dudes. Myself included. lol
  15. If you are disabled and need to use this for legitimate mobility purposes instead of recreation, wouldn't it be smarter to go get a full legitimate Segway? What you're trying to do sounds a bit dangerous. I saw that there are a good number of aftermarket seat add ons that you can fit that looks a lot like your Airwheel configuration. Yes they're pricey but probably worth it in your situation. http://www.zdnet.com/pictures/segway-gains-a-seat/
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