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  1. Which distributors? Any idea how many S20s have been sent out?
  2. @Luke Skywalker welcome to the addictive world of EUC. There are many good wheels on the market and a few more on the way. Many people would recommend learning on a non-suspension wheel. A non-suspension wheel will enforce the fundamentals. The same can be said for learning on a smaller diameter wheel. You mentioned that climbing hills is important to you. May I recommend considering the KS 16x. Sure, it is a slow wheel - topping out at 31 mph. But, besides the RS HT, the 16x has more torque than just about any other wheel currently out. Wrong Way climbed a 45 degree incline on one.
  3. It is now roughly 9pm on Saturday in China. What does everyone think the odds are that we will get to see something in the next 24 - 48 hrs?
  4. 300 V – 12,000 rpm with Adaptive Control Inverter Sounds like it could be an AC motor with talk of an inverter.
  5. The Sherman has dropped people low speed torquing because the high current burns the board. They pull great at higher speeds but have huge current spikes at slower speeds. A torque motor with high voltage like the S20 is supposed to have eliminates these issues (once they do it successfully).
  6. I think knowingly taking it out of context is the accusation...but what do I know.
  7. I should rephrase my previous post. eVX made a sarcastic comment in a EUC youtubers chat that Jack created. Marty apparently took the sarcastic comment out of context and tried to make it a thing. Or so I gather from the comments in the NYC telegram chat. Apparently Jack has something else in the works next. I wouldn't automatically assume that his leaving KS has anything to do with the S20. Let's wait to see Kuji's review in a few weeks before letting panic set in.
  8. I wouldn't get too worked up just yet. eVX playing games. It is on the NYC telegram chat. Jack is leaving KS, but doesn't seem to be related to this. eVX said on telegram that S20 is still 126v. Perhaps Jack or Mickey will be kind enough to clear this up for us.
  9. Thanks for making this poll. Tried to do it myself,but didn't see the option to do so from my phone. Perhaps because I was trying to do it as a reply. Thanks for the assist!
  10. I'd like to see a poll of how rider will actually use their S20. Primarily off-road trails, ~75% off-road & ~ 25% street, 50/50 off-road & street, ~25% off-road & ~75 % street, ~100% street. I think this type of poll would be very informative.
  11. Thank you for this info. I have loose pedal hanger screws now, which is why I am going inside. I'll take your advise on taking out the originals. What are your thoughts on adding a flat washer and split washer under the new pedal hanger fasteners? Is there enough clearance to do this? I'll add some antisieze on the threads when I reassemble and only tighten enough to compress the split washer. May add a drop of blue loctite to the crevasse between the split washer and the head of the M6s. Thank you for your assistance!
  12. This is great info and much appreciated!
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