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  1. S18 XL Battery Project Project photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ct1hhpYLYmc9uDvq6 Ordered: 21700 cells, 2 x 10S packs Added another 20S in parallel (wired both packs in series). Each pack includes a BMS, so no funky wiring beyond the addition of a parallel connection. Waterproofed all the exterior wiring. S18 will no longer be ridden seated as is. Worthy trade off for larger battery capacity. A little top heavy; reminiscent of the V12. You can feel the motor have more immediate torque/acceleration. The battery is top-mounted and should not be damaged in a fall unless the wheel does
  2. go for it. you cant be disappointed. i live in a 470 sq ft apartment, and work from home - so space, or, lack thereof is always on my mind. for me, there's not much more annoying situations than: dirty gear, i cant find a piece of gear, forget to put on a specific type of PPE. this solves my problems, so i hope it does the same, for others!
  3. Whatcha do with your gear? I hang bed slats from ikea on a over-the-door coat hanger. individual pieces of gear are hung by white plastic hooks from ikea. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUVYk9-PwX6/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  4. I'm on version 3 of my lighting. here is the link to my google photos album with my 3rd implementation. https://photos.app.goo.gl/wFoLqguXJ6JrWJ6Y8 basically, i made sure to order extra parts this time, splitters and extension cables. all prior attempts, i used the clips that came with the light strips, knowing it would be temp. this go around, everything had been physically attached with some very strong glues - the rear lights are set between frame and the bottom side pad (sloppily trimmed the back of the lower pads to accommodate the space needed to set the strips in place.
  5. My S18 Battery/Range Project Update: I was able to locate and purchase the external power bank made by king song. This product is not available by any seller online, directly. Images and details of this product lacking at best - reports from 2019, and as recent at june 2020 show that it is only available by email via ewheels for $650. As of august 2021, it can be purchased via email to sales@ewheels.com for a cost of $550 for 780wh. Product Name: KS-Power Power bank is 780wh with an averaged ~650wh of usable battery discharged to the S18 (due to efficiency losses). Officially functions as
  6. DIY Addressable RGB Lighting for any PEVs - specifically built around low-power 5 volt lighting - makes use of power banks/built-in USB ports in PEVs. I have had quite a bit of interest by people in my local community - in Portland, Oregon. We have a weekly Friday Night Ride (FnR); made up of onewheels, EUCs, Scooters, ebikes, e-dirtbikes, eboards - the list goes on. It definitely draws attention/interest, specially on those PEVs without LED setup such as my S18. Short google doc of items I used in my S18 setup. Will post pics of my setup at a later time - just wanted to give so
  7. preach 🙏 you get it! its been hard for me to describe but this is perfect! I tend to bend my legs to a point where i lower my center of gravity closer to the top of my s18, and the control I get over it, is out of this world. I find tight technical moves and tight carving, and tight turns are so very in-sync - I can feel the wheel move with the roll my hips and just becomes so fluid. *to this point, i have not used any pads (~1,079 mi)
  8. Check out Outlet Finder - primarily crowdsourced, so if you uncover outlets in your adventures, be sure to submit that to benefit us all raw hyperlink: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.heinousgames.app.outletfinder for iOS use this app (compatible with ipadOS and macOS including those with M1 processors) raw hyperlink: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/outlet-finder-locate-sockets/id1542728893#?platform=iphone
  9. thanks for sharing and taking those vids! i've been loving my S18 on the local trails. i'm def grateful for living minutes away from a mountain that is just covered in trails. and, being the PNW out here in Portland, Oregon - there's certainly a fun mix of terrain. i think i've had my s18 just under a month since it was on preorder forever, but i'm at 522 miles so far and lovin it.
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