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  1. Thanks again for your time! I'll post again if I can find a solution or a work around!
  2. So I was able to install the gotway 1.0 on an older android phone and connect to the wheel. However, even with a "send successful" message on the app and the double beeps confirming the wheel received the tiltback settings, it still alarms/cuts out at 25kph. I guess I'll try a power cycle and see if that works? I wonder if reflashing the firmware or something could help. Other than that, it probably sounds like a board replacement unfortunately.
  3. Yes this is the problem, but it seems that I'm unable to change it so far in the begode app, euc world, and the wheel log app. (also unable to silence the first or second alarm although it beeps as if its received the command) Under normal operation does the wheel store the tiltback/alarm settings? This app is stuck in what I believe is sanscrit and pressing anywhere on the screen or powering up the wheel doesnt do anything. I'll dig out an older android phone and give it a shot.
  4. The "no load" speed seems to be limited to 25kph with no app connected, even after a reboot. I think it should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 if im correct? If i calibrate the wheel do you think that might do anything? If all else fails, ill do the power cycle mentioned above. I'm going to meet with the previous owner to see if we can get it to "unlock" via his app. Also there's ~300km on the machine. Also, that app's language is stuck in sanskrit or something lol. I am however able to change soft/medium/hard modes, but just not the top speed. It does sound like a power/boa
  5. I paid $950 Cad. Adam says here that you need to turn off the tiltback on the gotway app? -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJwTE7yRZV4%3D300 Could it be remembering the tiltback from the previous owners app?
  6. When I was using EUC world, the app couldnt change the the 20kph setting, nor could it disable any of the beeps haha. I tried wheellog, and the new begode app to no avail. However, all the apps could switch the light on and off so i know theyre connecting. Strange behaviour. (also what does open all alarms mean? haha)
  7. Hello everyone, I just bought my first wheel (gotway 84v 512 mten3) used and I seem unable to adjust any of the beeps or "top speed" settings. (I assume the topspeed limit is tiltback?) I've been reading you have to change these settings from the previous owner's app before the wheel will allow a new app to adjust the settings? If this is true, is there any way to factory reset the mten3? Currently the max speed is set to 20kph and the beeps start at 8kph. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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