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  1. What I have in store for the community should check most if not all boxes. I will wait to be established before I venture into my suspension wheels but they are on the list for sure. Keeping cost down is important to me while not giving up any performance or reliability. I will also maintain a connection to the community and a way for people to give their feedback and suggestions instead of shutting everyone out and leaving them to deal with the problems themselves. There needs to be change in the industry.
  2. No more Big Dogs. It is Tornado something or other now. Past 10 years the ICT has been losing too much big money companies. Plus side is I have gained QA experience through the aerospace and energy industry. As well as 6G certified for structural welding. Maybe we can ride this spring, I will have a few of my builds on hand at all times.
  3. I want to try and maintain shipping directly from me to the customer. So being here will help with everyone having roughly the same shipping time/cost besides international. Initially WSU brought it up to me as it could be a good company for the local economy and to give the talented work force from aircraft around here some more opportunity. That is initially why they wanted to help me progress. The entire system is a modular concept so battery/controller/bms/wheel are all hopefully going to maintain an upgradeable and easy replacement part resourcing concept for a long time. You could pull y
  4. Haha coming from El Dorado it was a step up and the only place close to me in Kansas that had any technology background... Now the aircraft industry is having too many issues and this could be something to help the local economy. WSU tech college help me establish a patent pending status so I am thankful for that considering I have never been a student there. The design, metal/leather/plastic fabrication, paint, programming, battery build, wiring, and testing are all done by me. I am not a corner cutter at all. I like to lean on the side of over building. For example. I am running a 72v system
  5. Getting closer to my goals. This is a preview of my seated motorcycle themed concept prototype that is using a 48v/1kW system with a max speed of 27mph and still a WIP. Things that will be changing are the handle bars will be reworked to be interchangeable styles or removed and receiver hole plugged. I have 2 designs of pedals I am replacing the pegs with. Working through a couple new systems for the build such as my auto signal system for brake/turn lights, and my auto kickstand. Designing/building a motorcycle style seat to match the body lines better. The Indian Scout inspired body will hav
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