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  1. thank you for allowing my PMs. i do understand both sides of the issue. but i can't help but wonder if there isn't another better "test" to determine who is a person and who is a bot? also, regarding the earlier post from ShanesPlanet i think even if the forum "for sale" area is a low priority, it is worth noting that it is what brought me into the community and might likely be an entry point for others as well. i would think adding membership is a goal of the forum and, if true, the 'for sale" area might not be thought of as such a low priority after all.
  2. Yup, same issue here. trying to connect to someone selling an EUC but can't because the forum settings don't allow me to send a message. seem counter to the interest at hand here, no? thanks for any help enabling my ability to send a message directly to another member!
  3. very interested. can you DM me? as a new member i don't have the ability to contact you directly yet.
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