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  1. Just got my V11, first wheel. Already broke it in with some spills and scratches but getting better with every ride. One question about set up, what tire pressure do you recommend. I have it at 34 and it feels good, but tight turns are tricky. Its probably my lack of experience but thought I'd ask. FYI, my weight is 185lbs, I have suspension set up as 120 bottom and 60/70 top(gauge on the pump hard to read). Feels good to me.
  2. Ah, good to know. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. Has anyone tried to figure out how to improve cooling of the control board and mother board? My gut feeling is this is a heat related issue and the reliability of the boards could be greatly improved with airflow. I’m thinking about adding a breather hole in the top casing with a vent cap (see below). That way control/mother board enclosure can “breath” and vent the hot air but not allow water and dust intrusion. This may be another “fix” for the design oversight in this area. Any thoughts?
  4. Some conforming compound has thermal conductive properties, so that makes sense. However, I'm going to use weather stripping around the battery compartment instead. This should provide a layer of dust and water protection while also giving me the ability to take the wheel apart in the future. I plan to document my saga with a video (or two). It won't be as involved as Ecodrift's procedure, but should still be effective. My primary concern is for the bearings. I will remove them and repack with a high-grade marine grease (corrossionX) as well as install a seal I found on Thingaverse.
  5. My suspicion is it's a cooling issue and not necessary bad mother boards (although they could/should be more robust). Were you running your headlamp fan when the board fried?
  6. I don't think you should seal the outer battery covers. You need to take them off to change the tire. Maybe a rubber or TPU gasket could be printed for that part. For the batteries, only a light bead of silicone sealant around the inside of the battery case is necessary. You don't need to open the open up the case unless you're curious to see what the batteries look like or to inspect the battery control board. That way, even if moisture made it through the outer shell, it won't make it's way to the batteries themselves.
  7. Yes, please move it to a separate post on waterproofing. Obviously, this is specific to the v11, but the materials and methods are applicable to any wheel. I know, but it's great for seeing what they're doing!
  8. Did some research to figure out what waterproofing materials they're using in the EcoDrift video. I looks like they're using a combination of the following: aerosol conforming coating which they spray on the motor coils, stator, and motor covers - Example: CRC Urethane Seal Coat Viscous Liquid Coating, 250 Degree F Maximum Temperature, 11 oz Aerosol Can, Clear – 18411 what I plan to use: CorrosionX Corrosion Technologies 90102 (16 oz aerosol) – Multi-Purpose Lubricant, Penetrant, Rust and Corrosion Preventative | Industrial Strength | Marine Grade | Cleans Lubricates
  9. Check out this waterproofing job from EcoDrift out of Russia. Pretty amazing how much of the white compound they are using. I would love to know what it is, along with what grease, sealant and varnish they're using.
  10. If the deal falls through I'm your backup!
  11. Just a quick question, why aren't we just removing, cleaning, greasing, and reinstalling these bearings? I've seen numerous Youtube videos of people doing this for a variety of bearings, including roller bearings like the v11 and RS19. All they do is remove the bearing, clean and degrease, and then repack them with grease and reinstall. It's pretty simple process once you get the bearing out of the wheel casing and it saves you from buying new bearings or having your wheel down while you wait for replacements. Ideally, we want higher quality bearings than what we're getting from the manufa
  12. Jeff, great to meet you! Would be great to meet up once the v11 gets in. Of course, I sill have to learn how to ride it! But, I'm confident in my abilities and have done plenty of youtube research to know what to expect. I'll definitely give you a shout as soon as I'm up and running. Probably May time frame. -Matt
  13. I live in N.Raleigh and should be getting my V11 by April. Totally new to EUC but excited to get into it. Hope you guys are still around to meet up some time.
  14. I found some 3D Printer plans for seals and spacers for the v11: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4741590 The creator claims they're necessary protection for the v11 bearings. I tend to agree because the bearings aren't very well protected from the elements, which is probably why we're hearing about failures. No doubt some will hold up, but I think the added protection could help. I'm having the parts fabricated from this company: https://www.shapeways.com/ I'm using TPU as the material for the two Seals and Versatile Plastic for the two Spacers. Total cost with ta
  15. There are a lot of 3D Printing services on the internet now. I found this website that compiles a list: https://all3dp.com/1/best-online-3d-printing-service-3d-print-services/ Of the list, I've heard of Shapways: https://www.shapeways.com/ They seems to do small, consumer size orders. If I ever get my v11 (back ordered on ewheels) I'll try and have a bearing seal/flange printed up based on some plans I found on this forum. I'll then install the "breather hole" and the bearing seal and it should significantly extend the life of the bearings.
  16. Wondering if anyone saw the below video of a v11 bearing replacement and hub modification. Before the bearing housing is re-installed, the guy drills a hole in the hub and appears to plug it up with some sort of rubber tubing that he caulks into place. According to the comments, he does this because after the temperature inside the housing heats up, the only place for the heat to escape is through the bearings. However, when it bearing housing is cooled quickly, like when riding through water, a vacuum is created drawing moisture into the interior through the bearings. The moisture ca
  17. The ship with my wheel on it lost 260 containers during heavy seas off the cost of Japan! Not sure when I'll get it now... Here's the email from eWheels: "Good day, This is an update regarding your order of either the King Song S18, Inmotion V11, or accompanying accessories (V11 PowerPads, V11 Honeycomb Pedals). We discovered this morning that the vessel en route to the Port of LA experienced an engine failure during a storm. This resulted in the loss of ~260 containers (out of an estimated 6,500 containers on board). There's approximately 5% probability of our container
  18. OMG, look what I started! Thanks to everyone and all your input. It's a big financial decision and I want to make sure I get value for the money. Even a v10F is pushing $1500 in price and I think I'd grow out of a v8 pretty quick. Go big or go home right?!!! Now, after doing even more research , I'm concerned about the hollow bore motor issues: However, it looks like hollow bore motors are the future, so there's probably no avoiding this issue until two or three more generations of wheels are iterated and the kinks are worked out. I still think the bearing risk is worth
  19. Gotta have suspension! I almost bought a used v10 instead of the v11 but it just seems like suspension will keep the wheel on the road and smooth out the ride. That, and I really wanted a wheel I can grow into and be happy with long term.
  20. Looks like you mount the Power Pads on the foot/seat brackets and make two small holes to get at the screws underneath in case you need to disassemble and get the seat off or change a tire. It would be great if they just made the Power Pads mount with those screw holes so they could be installed and removed easily.
  21. Just notice I started this thread in the wrong part of the Forum! Sorry about that, nothing for sale at this time, but will repost if the V11 doesn't work out.
  22. OK, I broke down and just ordered a V11 from ewheels.com! I really like the S18, and it may have a superior suspension set up, but I plan on cruising and the V11 looks like it does that great with comfort! Also, I like the headlamp and taillamp on it, makes it look like a road machine.
  23. Yah, I'm leaning towards the V11. I read somewhere the v11 pedal heigh is adjustable, but extra height also means less chance of clipping something.
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