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  1. From the email eWheels just sent two days ago. Charging: The Sherman is equipped with a double input 4-wire connector, that supports up to 11A total. Veteran does not recommend charging above 11A. If you use the 8A rapid-charger in combination with the stock 5A charger, please make sure that the partial charging knob is set at 100%. Also the statement about the roll cage hitting stuff should be better with higher pedal model because that should move the bars up that 1/2 inch also.
  2. The rim size on the rs 19 is 14inch and the motor doesn’t go all the way to the rim edge so not sure why you call it 16inch? the ex is same size rim and goes all way to edge. I really don’t understand why wheels are classified by tire size and not rim size makes no sense to me.
  3. I’m probably mistaken then I thought I read the hollow motor was bigger. As far as voltage sag I’m not sure.the ex.n with 2700wh bigger battery and c30 motor has a rating of 2800watts. So there must be something going on.
  4. The hollow motor is a bigger diameter so has more magnets and more leverage on wheel. Also the they switched to 21700 cells so they have access to more amps 15 per cell vs 10amp.
  5. I’m waiting also for my new Sherman from eWheels. Knowing that’s it’s on the way is starting to get me excited!!
  6. I might be the odd ball but I think looks pretty good. Seems like screens are going to become more common and I think that a good thing. Either way just happy to have more options.
  7. Anyone here an update on when the next wheels are expected at eWheels?
  8. Do you ride on side of the road a lot? This happens to motorcycle tires a lot because roads are actually slightly slanted to drain water.
  9. I was thinking about doing the same thing even consider getting a job box(metal container the sell at Home Depot for tools) and just leave them in there charging and all. We have dogs so that’s what freaks me out the most is not being home and something happening.
  10. Looks good glad to see there making improvements. I have rs19 HS on order from ewheels. Any issues with wheel bearings?
  11. Im 31 and in the same boat about to pull the trigger on my first euc but I’ve decided on the rs19hs for my first because of the lighter weight and don’t need the distance of the Sherman. Anyways good luck should be a sweet probably the best built on the market
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