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  1. EPILOG: One of the hits that came up when Googling this problem is a video about a MiniPro that mysteriously came back to life after mysteriously going dead. It came down to a seemingly irrelevant step of letting it sit unplugged for 12 hours after a full charge. I was actually packing my MiniPro to send it back for a repair when, on a lark, I hit the power button and it beeped into life with a full charge on the battery. WOOT!!! This is the YouTube with the trick:
  2. My MiniPro was purchased March 2020 and put into storage due to COVID. I just opened it and the battery would not charge. I made the cable using lamp cord with small nails soldered at one end. They go into the charger plug. The charger has a diagram saying which pins are + and -. I then put banana plugs from my stereo parts bin at the other end of the cord. With it all attached and careful to have the right polarity banana plugs in the battery, I plugged in the charger. The charger light turned red. After 4 hours the charger light was green but the Mini Pro does still not power up. What s
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