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  1. Just did a range test this morning on my S18. Location: Toronto along water front. Weather: 9 C, rain and moderate wind Rider and gear: 84 kg Average speed: ~25 km/hr Elevation: ~ 100 m Remaining percentage: 2% Total: 42 km I am not sure if that will be enough for me a year from now but because I have just start riding it is more than enough. I will do my one hour rides and try and do the trails more often than the street. Kamloops rocks!
  2. Did not work. Will be bring it in for service today.
  3. Sounds good, I will try that fix. Thanks mrelwood
  4. Would this require a fix? I am new and have been wobbling all day and night. I have been able to control it and have been playing around with my stances. So far the best for me has been a little duck with heels holding the wheel. It allow wheel to move freely (and when wobble happened I relax and place pressure on one side of the wheel). I remember getting wobbles on my motorcycle and the last thing you do is try and control if by squeezing. Oops, I cannot post video of my wheel. The wheel is shimming side to side about 5 mm. What do you think. Thank you. ps. When I say new
  5. Maybe after the family learns how to ride (get some interest in riding. Good starter wheel)
  6. Pretty funny that I just got an update for my S18 order and they advised that it has arrived. They said 2 month on the web site but they had a batch come in last week. luck me.
  7. I order a KS - S18. Maybe if you’re up for it I could rent the Gotway MSuper for a days or two while I wait for S18. The Ninebot that I have was good to learn on but it is to slow and battery life is to short.
  8. I was on the Don river path and someone passed me. He had a real EUC compared to my Ninebot One
  9. Sorry for the confusion. When I posted I did not have one. I found one from a friend (INMOTION V3) but it was not good and then I was able to get a Ninebot One. I am a fast learner and a qualified coach. Two time Olympian, professional stuntman, owned my own gymnastics club and currently a police officer. I am enjoying riding very much and feel like I can help anyone with the first steps in getting into EUC’ng. Learning is fresh in my mind. Ordered a KS - S18
  10. I am offering one hour lessons for first time EUC riders. I am also renting this beginner EUC for a daily rate. Lessons - $50 for 1 hour (knee, elbow and wrist guards provided) - with option to rent EUC for one day after lesson for $35 - Helmet and PPE equipment required. - Lesson are outside * I have extensive coaching experience * Rental - $70 per day email me at eucskills@gmail.com Location is in the Danforth/Woodbine area Curtis Hibbert Feel free to google my name. I am just getting into this myself and had a difficult time getting an E
  11. I am interest in but am not willing to spend the money until I can experience an EUC. If there is anyone in the Toronto area that is willing to have me rent their ride or teach me on their ride I will be willing to pay for the day. If I like it, will introduce it to my two young boys. Thanks
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