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  1. but, two in parallel for 460 and 512Wh, right
  2. 20 cells in series configuration in the mten3, but nothing in parallel?
  3. yes, it's why I'm reporting it. did you read the main section of this.
  4. so far it's just Gotway wheels, I have a firm understanding that is happens on the 24' MonsterPro. but that speaker daughterboard is on other wheels as well.
  5. After removing the speaker module I get about 1.1X more battery range. When you unplug the board there’s no constant consumption of electricity from the battery due to the now lack of Real-time usage of the voltage step-down conversion process as the board is unplugged.The board constantly consumes electricity, creating heat and lowering your battery, regardless of whether you use the speakers or not.The most scary part is that gotway uses a flimsy wire to push 100V into that board on the other side of the EUC.The speakers are crap anyway. The speaker board is getting 100 Volts or the cur
  6. sure how much are you looking to sell, can you message me, i'm too new it wont let me message individuals for some reason.
  7. Hi, I'm in NYC and I'm looking to get an old KingSong 18S in mostly any condition , I'm willing to pay shipping anywhere in US. please don't confuse the model, the 18-S, not the newer S18. Thanks
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