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  1. Thata great to hear. I'm teaching my partner to ride her 16x. I wonder what it's going to be like learning on a suspension wheel. Good luck, let us know.
  2. I'd be down. I was gone for about 2 weeks, had to deal with some family stuff but yeah. I ride all over the city. Downtown to Elkhorn. But I live in Elkhorn.
  3. I tried to send you a message but the forum said I could send '0 messages per day'. I thought today might be a good day? It's 55, sunny until 6. I know this is super last minute though. I'm also going to ask my onewheel group what their up to.
  4. Hey everyone. I have a Kingsong 16X. I I usually ride out west and around Elkhorn but I've been looking for other EUC riders. Let me know b/c I'd be down to ride ! Even in this chilly winter.
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