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  1. Cruising with the V11 today around the beach and the pier here in The Netherlands, small detail...the music in this short video i made 28 years ago when i was a pioneer house producer back in 1993. Enjoy, Greetz Robby🤙🏼
  2. Some euc forest riding in The Netherlands with the Inmotion V11 and the Kingsong S18.
  3. 2 days of awesome fun riding the Inmotion v11 & Kingsong S18. Enjoy the ride.
  4. Hello EUC riders, Did a sort of range test today with my new V11 (4th batch). My weight today incl gear +- 104Kg...weather conditions, strong wind 6bft, temp 9 Celcius. Start battery was +- 94% End battery +- 17% Riding style: medium fast The V11 is smooth as butter and i really had fun today, next coming days the weather will be awesome sunny and temps around 18C so hopefully i will do a lot of touring in the next coming days. Zero tiltback to the end. https://euc.world/tour/595436969524334 Greetz from Amsterdam in The Netherlands.
  5. Thank you for posting this, i had the same issues but after reinstalling the inmotion app i was able to upgrade the fw.
  6. Short video playing around in a parking lot here in Amsterdam during some rainy days with the Gotway Msuper v3 and the Gotway Nicola 84v.
  7. So any new updates on this topic Inmotion? My v11 (4th batch) is on his way and i want to be sure that i got a good mb.
  8. Hello there euc riders, newbie RobbyCrash here from Amsterdam in The Netherlands.
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